Hiking the Inca Trail in July

Hiking the Inca Trail in July

July is one of the best months to hike the Inca Trail, the weather is the most appropriate and full of sun all day but with cold nights that sometimes reaches 0 degrees Celsius, you can make perfect pictures with stunning views of the entire mountain range of the Andes. Only you will be able to see many tourists on the route because it is high season and vacations all over Europe and the United States, remember to book your trip in advance.


  • We already said that the days will be sunny but the nights will be cold: -5 degrees Celsius at night to 22 degrees Celsius during the day.
  • Many people on the Inca Trail but even more if you arrive during the Peruvian national holidays on July 28th.
  • The fields will no longer be green, now they will be brown.
  • Sunny days so don’t forget to bring sunscreen and hats.
  • Reserve flights, hotels and the Inca Trail in advance, even 06 months in advance.

Why hike Inca Trail in July?

  • During the hikes you will see mountains with snow.
  • You may see some wild animals such as deer or deer if you are lucky.
  • Rain with little chance of occurrence.
  • Machupicchu will be seen from the sun gate without any fog.
  • During the nights from the campsites you will be able to see the Milky Way and thousands of stars.

Why NOT hike the Inca Trail in July?

  • The Inca Trail and MACHUPICCHU are sold out.
  • Several queues to take the bus and trains from Aguas Calientes and Machupicchu.
  • In important and strategic places a lot of people for photos.
  • Prices rise in hotels and trains.
  • Very cold nights.


  • Although there is no rain in July it is advisable to bring a rain coat because the Inca Trail from the third day is through high and tropical jungle with unpredictable weather.
  • Take several changes of clothes for sweating, and to be able to change and be comfortable.
  • Those who like bird watching should bring appropriate cameras and binoculars.
  • For the month of July we recommend booking the tour with a minimum of 10 months or one year.
  • Sun block and sunglasses are a must for the trip through the mountains.

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