Machu Picchu


  • Sep 23-26: Premiun Inka Jungle 4days.
  • Sep 23-26: Inka Jungle Trail 4d-3n. (Guide Bruno)
  • Sep 24-26 Short Inka Jungle Trail 3d-2n.(Guide Antonio Quintanilla)
  • Sep 24-27: Inka Jungle Trail 4d-3n.(Guide Alexander Ayma)
  • Sep 25-28: Inka Jungle Trail 4d-3n.(Guide Wilbert)
  • Sep 28 .      Rainbow Mountain .  (Guide William)
  • Sep 29-02 Oct Inka Jungle Trail 4d-3n Special price ( Guide Alex1)
  • Sep 30-03 Oct. Short Inka Jungle Trail 3d-2n.(Guide Alexander Ayma)
  • Oct 02-03 Traditional Inka trail 2d-1n.
  • Oct 04-07: Inka Jungle Trail 4d-3n.
  • Oct 07-10: Premiun Inka Jungle 4days.
  • Oct 10-13: Inka Jungle Trail 4d-3n.
  • Oct 20-23: Inka Junlge Trail 4d-3n.
  • Oct 21-24: Premiun Inka Jungle 4days.
  • Oct 24-27: Inka Jungle Trail 4d-3n.
  • Oct 26-29: Inka Jungle Trail 4d-3n.
  • Nov 02-03: Original Inca Trail 2d-1n.
  • Nov 05-08: Inka jungle Trail 4d-3n.
  • Nov 10-14: Salkantay Trek 5d-4n.
  • Nov 15-18: Inka Jungle Trail 4d-3n.
  • Nov 19-20: Machupicchu by train 2d-1n.

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This less crowded road takes us through the Peruvian Andes crossing valleys, snow-covered mountains and part of the high jungle until we reach Machu Picchu.
The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is the complete trek in our region, it offers the passenger the experience of exploring the different ecological levels of our country
This is a shorten version of the incredible Inca Trail that allows you the opportunity to explore some archaeological sites as well as the experience of reaching Machu Picchu...
In this expedition apart from Machu Picchu, we will enjoy beautiful landscapes of both the Andes and the high jungle, we will also have the opportunity to cross the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas

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Lorenzo Expeditions is a travel agency located in Cusco, Peru. We created the famous Inca Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu as one of the best alternatives to the Inca Trail that runs out year after year.

We are 100% Tour Adventure Operators, in 15 years of work we learned to give unique and personalized service, our thousands of passengers confirm it. While it is true, we started operating the Inca Jungle Trail Tour 4d / 3n. Today we are an agency specializing in hikes such as the Traditional Inca Trail, Salkantay trek, Lares Trek and others in the region of Cusco. In this year 2019 our challenge is to serve you with the greatest possible care, so we want to make your experience in Peru – Cusco totally unforgettable.

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Inca Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu - Bikes

About our Inca Jungle Trek – the Best Seller Tour of all the time

Our Inca Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu combines various outdoor activities such as: biking, rafting, zip line and trekking. Our final destination is Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu.

Lorenzo Expeditions guides are experts doing the Inca Jungle Trek. we have years of experience and our guides are well versed in the route.

We assure you that you will have a fabulous and unforgettable experience. And our passengers already experienced this tour and all other tours we offer. Which is why many of our clients nicknamed us, “The Super Team”.

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