Huayna Picchu: How to get

Huayna Picchu

Huayna Picchu, also known as the new mountain in its translation from Quechua to Spanish, is located at 2,667 meters above sea level in the region of Cusco, its circular base is surrounded by the Urubamba River, on the north side of the Citadel of Machu Picchu. Arriving at this place will be worthwhile, as you will observe in all its splendor the land of the Incas and the snow-capped mountains of the Andes.

If your trip is by train discover with us all you need to know about Machu Picchu Station, the last stop to reach the impressive Huayna Picchu.

Huayna Picchu

The journey to Huayna Picchu is one of the most complicated, risky and probably difficult to execute. It is required to have enough physical resistance, demand and impetus to reach the desired summit, the journey will take approximately 1 hour.

The path starts at the Sacred Rock, you will be surrounded by dense vegetation, the path is steep and narrow, the stairs are made of granite stone and are unevenly placed.

It is believed, according to history, that the Huayna Picchu served as a watchtower for Machu Picchu, after receiving territorial threats from adjacent cultures.

With the construction of this place, the Incas were alert to any eventuality or adverse attack they could receive.

On the summit of this mountain you can observe a great number of constructions near the abyss used for the cultivation of species.

From this point, you can also observe Machu Picchu located about 400 meters down, the wonderful Urubamba River with impressive shades of green and in this part just to the north you will enjoy the wonderful view of the Temple of the Moon.

The capacity to visit the Huayna Picchu is limited, only 400 people maximum can enter, divided in two groups of 200, reserved in advance.

Attractions in Huayna Picchu:

Temple of the Moon: Located at 2667 meters above sea level, inside the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, it was considered a ceremonial temple, forming part of the Huayna Picchu, it is built inside a cave that presents fine finishes made of trapezoidal horns, Inca style.

The name was given after the arrival of Hiram Bingham, it is not known how it was known in times of the Incan. In the center of the cave you can see a throne sculpted in rock, it is said that inside this one there were niches for the mummies.

It is advisable to take into account that the implements taken to Huayna Picchu are the same as those of the Inca citadel.  In this link we leave you more information about the 10 things you should take to Machu Picchu.

If you love adventure, you can’t miss Huayna Picchu, the new mountain located in front of Machu Picchu, that many people don’t dare to visit. Enjoy this wonderful height in the Andes!

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