What is the difference between a hotel and an ecolodge?


The popularity of what is known lately as ecotourism is increasing considerably nowadays. Ecolodges are becoming one of the favorite destinations for those who visit these areas, they are also on the list of the most sought after among those who are looking for a great adventure, do not care about the luxuries of big hotels and above all want to get in harmony with nature. But what is an ecolodge? To answer this question we rely on the book by Mr. Hitesh Mehta, listed by the prestigious National Geographic Adventure, who is one of the five pioneers of sustainable tourism in the world, and one of the twenty most powerful people in the world of Men’s Journal adventures, an authority on sustainable tourism and ecolodges. Here is an excerpt from his book “Authentic Ecolodges”.

After ten years of research, interviews with architects, eco-consultants, developers, operators, many indigenous communities and feedback from stakeholders in the ecotourism industry, I developed the following definition: An ecolodge has a low-impact, nature-based, financially sustainable structure to help protect sensitive neighboring areas; involves and helps benefit local communities; offers tourists a participatory interpretive and interactive experience; provides a spiritual communion with nature and culture; and is planned, designed, built and operated in an environmentally and socially friendly manner. An authentic ecolodge should embody the three fundamental principles of ecotourism:

  1. Nature must be protected and preserved
  2. Through community outreach and education programs, the local community should benefit
  3. Three interpretive programs should be offered both for tourism and to educate employees about the surrounding natural and cultural environments.

Ecotourism is based on this, in carrying out the common tasks and practices of tourism but oriented to the preservation of the environment, reducing the impact and actively contributing to the conservation, preservation and maintenance of the social environment to which it is awarded and in general of the entire planet, We live in an era in which pollution has taken free rein and has become one of the main problems and threats to all mankind, thanks to ecotourism and other green practices can reduce the effects of our daily actions, ensuring our health, welfare and conservation of other species that live with us.

So if you decide to travel to an area where you have the option to choose between ecotourism over its normal variant, you should consider once again about the additional benefits you will get from opting for this option, we hope this article has clarified your doubts about this form of tourism that is gaining strength in recent years.

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