Tours to the Pantanal during the green season

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable adventure? Discover the hidden gem of the Pantanal in the green season. An experience that immerses you in wildlife more exuberantly and allows you to witness the miracles of nature in their maximum splendor. So, get ready to visit the Brazilian Pantanal during the green season, a true earthly paradise that will take your breath away.

What is the green season in the Pantanal?

Tours to the Pantanal during the green season

The green season, or rainy season, is the period between November and April in the Pantanal, the largest continental humid area on the planet.

During these months, abundant rainfall transforms the arid landscape into a vast aquatic ecosystem dotted with lagoons, meandering rivers and wetlands teeming with life. It is during this time when nature awakens in an explosion of colors, sounds and movement, attracting an incredible variety of animal and plant species.

Pantanal animals in green season

Tours to the Pantanal during the green season

The great protagonist: the jaguar

Without a doubt, the greatest attraction of the Pantanal in the green season is the opportunity to spot the mythical jaguar, the largest cat in the Americas. These powerful predators become more active during the rainy season as they go out to hunt prey such as alligators, capybaras and fish.

Other inhabitants of the Pantanal

But jaguars are not the only impressive residents of the Pantanal. During the green season, you can also enjoy the company of:

  • Alligators patiently waiting for their prey to approach the banks of the rivers.
  • Gigantic anacondas resting on the lower branches of trees.
  • Capybaras, the largest rodents in the world, grazing in herds.
  • Brightly colored toucans flying over the treetops.
  • River wolves chasing fish in the streams.
  • Giant otters playing in the crystal clear waters.

Activities in the Pantanal in the green season

Tours to the Pantanal during the green season

Jaguar watching

The star activity in the Pantanal during the green season is, without a doubt, jaguar watching. Accompanied by expert guides, you will be able to enter the jungle in search of these majestic creatures and, with a little luck, witness one of the most impressive spectacles in nature: a hunting jaguar.

Bird watching

The Pantanal is a true paradise for bird lovers. More than 700 species of birds have been sighted in this region, and the green season is the perfect time to enjoy its incredible diversity. From colorful toucans to majestic herons, the bird show in the Pantanal will take your breath away.

Boat Safaris

Another exciting way to explore the Pantanal in the green season is through boat safaris. Cruise along winding rivers and lagoons teeming with life, and get up close and personal with the alligators, capybaras, and waterfowl that inhabit these waters.

Hiking in the Pantanal

For hiking lovers, the Pantanal offers a variety of trails that will take you through stunning landscapes. From flooded forests to open grasslands, each step will immerse you deeper into the natural beauty of this region.

Sport fishing

If you are passionate about fishing, the Pantanal is a true paradise. Its rivers and lagoons are full of a wide variety of fish species, such as the feared piranha, the robust pacú and the agile tucunaré.

Photography and kayaking

The Pantanal is also an ideal destination for lovers of photography and kayaking. Capture stunning images of wildlife and explore the deepest corners of this aquatic maze from the comfort of your kayak.

Logistics for tours to the Pantanal in the green season

How to get to the Pantanal

The Pantanal is located in western Brazil, encompassing parts of the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul. The main gateways to the Pantanal are the cities of Cuiabá and Campo Grande in Brazil.

  • Cuiabá: Capital of the state of Mato Grosso, Cuiabá is the most common option to access the North Pantanal. It can be reached by plane from the main Brazilian cities and some international destinations. From Cuiabá, continue by road or by light plane to the pousadas or lodges located within the Pantanal.
  • Campo Grande: Capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, Campo Grande offers access to the South Pantanal. Regular flights connect the city with other regions of Brazil. From Campo Grande, the trip continues by land to the various points of interest within the Pantanal.

Where to stay

There is a wide variety of accommodation options in the Pantanal, from luxurious eco-lodges to rustic jungle camps. Regardless of your budget, you will find a place that suits your needs and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the Pantanal experience.

What to bring

To fully enjoy your adventure in the Pantanal during the green season, it is important to prepare properly. Pack comfortable, waterproof clothing, sturdy hiking shoes, insect repellent, sunscreen, binoculars, and a camera to capture those unforgettable moments.

Climate in green season

During the green season, the climate in the Pantanal is hot and humid, with temperatures ranging between 25°C and 35°C. Rains are frequent, so it is essential to bring a raincoat and be prepared for some inclement weather.

Unique experiences in the Pantanal in the green season

Observation of jaguars hunting

One of the most exciting experiences that the Pantanal can offer you in the green season is to witness a jaguar in the middle of a hunt. These magnificent predators go out to hunt when the waters flood the region, taking advantage of the opportunity to catch prey such as alligators, capybaras and fish.

Birth of alligators

During the green season, the Pantanal caimans enter their breeding period. You will be able to witness the birth of these prehistoric creatures and observe how the females jealously care for their newborn babies.

Bird migration

The Pantanal is an important migratory route for numerous species of birds. During the green season, millions of birds from all over the American continent come to this region to breed and feed, offering an aerial spectacle like no other.

Flowering aquatic plants

When the waters of the Pantanal rise, the meadows and wetlands transform into a mosaic of colors thanks to the flowering of various aquatic plants. From water lilies to royal victorias, these beautiful flowers turn the Pantanal into a veritable aquatic garden.

Piranha fishing

If you are looking for an exciting and adrenaline-filled experience, there is nothing better than trying to fish for piranhas in the Pantanal. These fearsome creatures abound in the region’s waters and represent an exciting challenge for the most intrepid anglers. But don’t worry, the expert guides will teach you all the techniques and safety measures necessary to enjoy this adventure responsibly.

Amphibian reproduction

The Pantanal is home to an incredible variety of amphibians, and during the green season, you can witness their fascinating reproduction cycle. From tree frogs that lay their eggs in the warm waters to toads that carry out mass migrations in search of spawning sites, the Pantanal will offer you a unique natural spectacle.

Benefits of visiting the Pantanal in the green season

Fewer tourists

Unlike the dry season, which attracts most visitors, the green season is considered “low season” in the Pantanal. This means you’ll enjoy a more intimate and less crowded experience, allowing you to connect even more with nature without the crowds.

Lower prices

As it is a season with less influx of tourists, prices for accommodation, tours and activities are usually more affordable in the Pantanal during the green season. This will allow you to enjoy an incredible adventure without breaking the bank.

Increased animal activity

Due to abundant rainfall, the green season is a busy period for Pantanal wildlife. Animals become more active and visible, increasing your chances of spotting them and enjoying unforgettable experiences.

Tips for traveling to the Pantanal in the green season

What to bring

In addition to the proper clothing and equipment mentioned above, it is advisable to bring high-quality insect repellent, a hat or cap to protect you from the sun, water-resistant boots, and a flashlight for night walks.

How to prepare

Before traveling to the Pantanal in the green season, it is important to stay well hydrated and carry enough drinking water. Additionally, consider taking precautions against mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue.

What to expect

Get ready to experience nature at its finest. The Pantanal in the green season is a spectacle of wildlife, sounds and colors. Keep your senses alert and enjoy every moment, as this experience will leave you with indelible memories.

What to bring on your trip to the Pantanal in the green season

  • Comfortable and waterproof clothing
  • Durable hiking shoes
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Raincoat
  • Hat or cap
  • Water resistant boots
  • Flashlight
  • Drinking water

5 reasons why you should visit the Pantanal during the green season

  1. Observe the jaguars in their maximum splendor.
  2. Witness the incredible diversity of wildlife in full activity.
  3. Enjoy a more intimate and less crowded experience.
  4. Take advantage of the most affordable prices on accommodation and tours.
  5. Live a unique and unforgettable adventure in one of the most impressive ecosystems on the planet.

Frequently asked questions about visiting the Pantanal in the green season

Tours to the Pantanal during the green season

When is the best time to visit the Pantanal in the green season?

The green season in the Pantanal runs from November to April, with the months of January to March being the most recommended to enjoy the greatest animal activity and the flowering of aquatic plants.

Is it necessary to take special precautions due to the weather?

Yes, it is important to be prepared for frequent rains and high temperatures. Wear appropriate clothing, insect repellent, sunscreen and stay well hydrated.

Is it safe to observe jaguars so closely?

Jaguar observation is carried out under the supervision of expert guides and following all necessary safety measures. However, it is important to maintain a safe distance and follow the guides’ instructions at all times.

What type of accommodation is recommended in the Pantanal?

There are accommodation options to suit all budgets, from luxurious eco-lodges to rustic jungle camps. The choice will depend on your preferences and the level of comfort you want.

Can activities such as hiking and fishing be done during the green season?

Absolutely. The Pantanal offers a wide variety of activities during the green season, including hiking, sport fishing, kayaking, bird watching and much more.

Is it possible to combine a visit to the Pantanal with other destinations in Brazil?

Yes, the Pantanal is a perfect destination to combine with other tourist attractions in Brazil, such as the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the Iguazu Falls or the Amazon. Many tour operators offer combined packages.

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of the Pantanal during the green season. Book your adventure today and get ready to make memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Tours to the Pantanal during the green season

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Explore the Pantanal in the green season and discover a world of wonders!


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