Jaguar Safari in the Pantanal: What to Bring?

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Are you ready for a jaguar safari in the Pantanal? Wondering what to bring? You’re in the right place! Here we provide you with a complete guide to packing for your safari, ensuring that you are well equipped for this exciting adventure.

Essential garments

Lightweight pants for versatility

Pack two pairs of lightweight, quick-drying pants for extra flexibility during your safari. Consider joggers with drawstrings around the ankle, such as those available on Amazon. The lanyard function is handy for walking, and these pants also proved ideal for African safaris.

Quick-drying tank tops for the heat

Includes four quick-drying, moisture-wicking tank tops. Opt for quality options. Depending on your packing strategy, three might be enough for the trip.

Protection from the sun and insects

Bring a long-sleeved Columbia shirt for SPF protection and defense against insects and mosquitoes. Choose a non-white color to minimize insect attraction. In addition, a Columbia PFG shirt and Interchange jacket provide lightweight layers for different conditions. The jacket, with its detachable vest, offers adaptability to different temperatures and sun exposure.

Footwear options

Empaca zapatillas Nike de trail running para mayor comodidad durante las caminatas y un par de sandalias o zapatos sin cordones para relajarte en el campamento. Opta por calcetines cómodos como los calcetines Dickies Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks, que te aseguran de tener un par para cada día en el Pantanal.

Swimsuits and sleepwear

Bring a bathing suit for possible refreshing dips in the heat. While you may not wear it, it is advisable to be prepared. Don’t forget pajamas and roomy underwear, recognizing the importance of being over-prepared in this regard.

Essential Toiletries & Accessories

Headgear and Eye Protection

Wear a baseball cap for most activities, considering a sturdier wide-brimmed cap for increased shade and protection from the elements. Sunglasses and a scarf are additional accessories to protect you from the elements of the Pantanal.

Hygiene & Health Items

Make sure your vanity kit includes essentials and medications, even if they’re not always necessary. Items like Benadryl anti-itch cream and anti-diarrheal medications offer peace of mind. An insulated reusable water bottle is crucial to combat intense heat, and consider a Frog Toggs cooling towel for added convenience.

Protection against mosquitoes

Prepare for mosquitoes with wet wipes containing DEET and a stroller fan for personal comfort and insect repellent. Tide laundry detergent packets facilitate quick laundry washes, crucial in Pantanal conditions.

Safari de jaguar en el Pantanal
Safari de jaguar en el Pantanal
Safari de jaguar en el Pantanal

Sunscreen & Lip Care

Apply sunscreen generously and keep your lips protected with Aquaphor Lip Protectant and Moisturizing Lip Balm, combating the drying effects of the sun and wind.

Safari de jaguar en el Pantanal
Safari de jaguar en el Pantanal

Photographic equipment to capture jaguars

DSLR Cameras & Lenses

For photography enthusiasts, two DSLR camera bodies and a choice of lenses are vital. The 70-200mm lens provides context, while a 300mm lens captures tighter shots. Comfort and familiarity with your gear are paramount to capturing the essence of the Pantanal.

camara - Safari de jaguar en el Pantanal
camara - Safari de jaguar en el Pantanal

GoPro for Experiential Shots

It carries two GoPro HERO 11 cameras for immersive shots and landscapes. While they’re not ideal for wildlife, they complement your DSLR setup for full visual documentation.

Safari de jaguar en el Pantanal

Tripods & Stability

Surprisingly, a monopod or tripod may not be necessary, allowing for greater mobility. However, consider a bean bag to stabilize your camera during boat trips, balancing the need for stability with the dynamic environment.

Safari de jaguar en el Pantanal

Frequently Asked Questions about Jaguar Safari in the Pantanal

What kind of clothes should I wear for a Jaguar Safari in the Pantanal?

For a jaguar safari in the Pantanal, we recommend wearing light, quick-drying clothing, a long-sleeved shirt for SPF and insect protection, and comfortable hiking shoes.

What kind of photographic equipment should I bring?

We recommend bringing two DSLR camera bodies and a selection of lenses, as well as two GoPro HERO 11 cameras for experiential shots.

How can I protect myself from the sun and insects?

We recommend wearing a baseball cap or wide-brimmed cap, sunglasses, a bandana, sunscreen, and products containing DEET to repel mosquitoes.

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

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