Top 10 adventures not to be missed in the lush jungle of Tambopata

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Nowadays, it can be overwhelming to choose between different activities to do in Tambopata, there are so many charming spots and destinations each with its own itinerary and activities, taking into account that a lot of visitors usually do not have many days to enjoy their stay. That is why we have decided to write this blog to help you choose among the 10 most memorable activities you can find in Tambopata.

1. Canopy tower or observation tower

The rainforest is spectacular from every angle: from the river, from the cliff overlooks and from the trails, of course. But there is nothing better than observing the expanse of the Amazon rainforest from a canopy tower in Tambopata. Reaching more than 100 feet (30 meters) high, canopy towers offer panoramic views of the treetops, the entire view of the Tambopata National Reserve and the distant rolling hills of the cloud forest. As if the splendid panorama were not enough, you will also be able to spot wild animals such as toucans, parrots and monkeys.

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2. Venture into the Amazonian night

Much of the Amazon rainforest comes alive at night, when the more shy creatures of the jungle come out. Even if you’ve walked the same trail a dozen times during the day, you’ll see an entirely different multitude of creatures when night falls. A night walk through the jungle is an essential experience in Tambopata. Insect lovers, in particular, will enjoy this activity, where you can see everything from tarantulas to stick bugs.


3. See spectacular macaws and parrots in a “clay lick”.

Tambopata has inspired the wanderlust of countless travelers since the 1990s, when a National Geographic magazine cover featured the region’s macaw clay licks. These spectacular river cliffs attract hundreds of colorful birds, especially parrots and macaws, which supplement their diet with nutrient-rich clay. Early risers head out with a guide to observe one of the numerous clay licks that can be found along Tambopata. As the sun rises, more and more tropical birds flock to the cliffs, creating a brilliant natural spectacle that travelers will never forget.

Macaw Clay Lick Tambopata Peru

4. Exploring an oxbow lake habitat

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the sharp bends in the rivers dried up, turning parts of the Amazonian rivers into small lakes. Because of their curved shape, the locals call them cochas. These are an essential habitat to visit, with calm waters that harbor unique fauna and beauty. You can cruise the calm waters in a small catamaran, look for waterfowl, caimans and giant otters, and even fish for piranhas – don’t forget to visit the cochas when you visit Tambopata.


5. Connecting with the science of the jungle

If you are a science lover, you may be interested in more than just the beauty of the Amazon: as the most biodiverse place on the planet, there is no better place to engage in scientific discovery. Today there are several Wired Amazon Citizen Science project activities in Tambopata that will allow you to connect with scientific research in real time. You will even have the option to “fly” through the treetops with the company Aerobotánica Amazónica, as well as find new insects with the Discover a New Species activity or spy on shy mammals with the AmazonCam, all of these projects aimed at involving the visitor with the scientific work in the Tambopata area.

6. Watch an Amazonian sunset

All visitors to Tambopata can enjoy boat rides on the river: most lodges can only be accessed this way! Boat rides offer travelers beautiful views, aquatic wildlife and a much-needed breeze to break the heart of the jungle. Our recommended experience is to take a sunset cruise, which combines the relaxation of a canoe ride with unique jungle views that will leave you in awe. The wide, gentle Tambopata River is illuminated with captivating blues and pinks as the jungle sky lights up with color. A jungle sunset is one of the most memorable and romantic experiences of any trip.


7. Encounter with the indigenous culture

Although many think of the Amazon rainforest as untouched wilderness, indigenous groups have lived in it for thousands of years. Today, there are indigenous peoples such as the Ese Eja who are the guardians of their jungle home and even today are involved in sustainable tourism in the rainforest. No visit to Tambopata would be complete without connecting deeply with Amazonian culture and tradition.

8. Marvel at the tallest trees in the jungle.

The Amazon is home to some of the largest tree species in the world, and Tambopata is no exception. You will have the option to walk through the Terra Firme forest with a guide to gawk at the giant Ceiba and Ironwood species, as impressive as any redwood in Muir Woods. And while you’re at it, learn about sustainable agriculture: locals collect nuts from the giant Brazil nut tree in the Amazon’s only sustainable harvest which represents one of the main economic activities in the area.

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9. Embark on an active adventure

Tambopata also offers a variety of “Soft Adventure” activities for active travelers. Mountain bikers can take advantage of the extensive trails that lead to an Amazonian lookout point: a ride with a view.

10. Learn about Amazonian healing

Finally, you should consider exploring a different, but equally fascinating, aspect of the jungle’s biodiversity: medicinal plants. Many of these gardens, which are home to plants such as Ayahuasca and Uña de Gato, are cultivated by indigenous communities, and continue to serve as a source of healing and alternative medicine that is of great value to the local culture. By visiting a medicinal plant garden – sometimes referred to as an ethnobotanical garden – or a shamanic clinic, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Amazonian nature and culture.

We hope this article about the main activities you can do in the Amazon rainforest will be useful to get the most out of your trip to Tambopata, remember to plan with a good travel agency so you do not miss any of these unmissable activities in the Amazon rainforest that will leave you amazed.

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