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Peruvian Shamans: Healing with the Power of the Earth

One of the essential figures within Peruvian Amazonian cultures are the acclaimed shamans: they are men and women who live for and by their community. Peruvian shamans are individuals who possess extensive wisdom and are in contact between themselves, the spirits and nature. Indigenous communities have achieved their survival in their environment largely due to these shamans because through their superior knowledge they are able to guide their community through the problems they are going through, in some cases thanks to divine communication with their deities and through their extensive knowledge of the plants and animals that surround their environment.

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peruvian shamans

Beings with a higher level of consciousness

Being a shaman is not a role chosen by the individual: for Peruvians, it is God who grants the gift of healing to the right people, a special ability that manifests itself through the spirit of plants.

The role of Peruvian shamans is fundamental to their community. They protect and guide the people who live in their villages. They are beings with a higher level of consciousness who have learned to connect with the spirits of nature through their own experience.

It is this connection, often passed down from generation to generation, that allows the shamans to heal and access the innermost depths of those who come to them seeking relief from their ailments.

The shaman does not learn to be shaman, the shaman simply IS

The shaman becomes a guide for his people through his own experience. To do so, one must be willing to commit oneself and demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity. The first step must be to isolate oneself in the jungle, where one will follow a strict diet based on fishing and gathering.

The shaman must experience and live, and for this he needs health, freedom and serenity. These three elements are achieved during his period of isolation in the jungle and contact with nature.

Healing through the spirits of plants

Peruvian shaman
Peruvian shamans using plants

The shaman is a channel through which he connects with the spirits of the plants. Using plants such as the ayahuasca vine, the shaman detoxifies his patient and accesses his most unconscious part from where he is able to help him to cope with his daily life problems and to understand what at first sight represents the ailments and inconveniences of the patient.

Participating in one of the Peruvian shaman’s healing rituals implies allowing him to access not what is on the surface, but what is part of our subconscious.

From there, the shaman will have the opportunity to accompany us towards greater self-knowledge; becoming more aware of our body’s needs will be the first step towards healing.

Through this guidance, the shaman will help us to reconnect, free ourselves from ailments and move towards a state of greater health and well-being — connecting us with all that is sacred and wonderful in the forces of nature.

Peruvian shamanism: an essential part of the Amazonian culture, a land full of mysticism.

If there is a corner of the world that encompasses all the magic and mysticism among its vegetation, it is the Peruvian Amazon. In the communities ancestrally formed in the depths of the jungle, the spirits of nature acquire an unprecedented relevance and it is where one can realize that their entire culture revolves around this sacred mysticism and great devotion among its inhabitants.

Shamanism becomes an unmistakable hallmark of Peruvian Amazonian cultures in this magical environment. In fact, thanks to the figure of the shaman, communities that historically have not had access to conventional medicine but have had to overcome the adversities of a community like any other have advanced, grown and survived.

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