Visit Machu Picchu in September

Machu Picchu

September is the month of changes in climate, dry weather ends and comes the spring season with showers that give the beginning of the rainy season. Sunny and hot days with cool nights. This is also the beginning of the low season, with fewer and fewer visitors.

The outdoor activities are still in force, there is no danger to do them, it is advisable to do the Inca Trail 4 days, Inca Trail 2 days, Salkantay trek 5 days, Lares trek 4 days, Inca Jungle trail 4 days. The weather is good: 11- 27 degrees Celsius.

September is the mating month for birds and a good time for birdwatchers to take good pictures. There are many birds such as parrots, Peruvian Rupicola, Peruvian rock puss and others that live in the area.
It is easier to book tours and hotels, good prices compared to June, July and August.
Crowds are decreasing.

Best time of the day

The first of the day like 6 am which is the first shift to enter Machu Picchu is the best time because you will see the sunrise and if you go in the afternoon, after 1pm you will see Machu Picchu with few people and the best photos for the memory.

Why visit Machu Picchu in September?

September is a good time to visit Machu Picchu for a few reasons:

  • Shoulder season : September marks the end of peak tourist season, which means fewer crowds and more manageable visitor numbers.
  • Good weather conditions: September is in the middle of the dry season in Peru, meaning there is less chance of rain and more chance of clear skies. This makes for good hiking and sightseeing conditions.
  • Availability of Inca Trail permits: You will have a good chance of getting a permit to trek the Inca Trail, which is closed during February for maintenance.
  • It is a good opportunity for photography: September has long days with good lighting that can be suitable for photography and capturing the beauty of the place.
  • it is a chance to discover the rich Inca culture: September is a good time to learn and explore the history, archaeology, and Inca culture through guided tours and learning experiences.
  • Lower prices : As the peak season ends, prices of travel and lodging could decrease, giving a budget-friendly option to visit Machu Picchu.

It’s worth noting that while September may be a good time to visit Machu Picchu, it’s always best to check the weather forecast and any travel alerts before leaving. Also, it’s important to note that September is considered the end of the dry season and the beginning of the rainy season, so there could be a slight chance of rain, bring appropriate gear and always be prepared for any weather condition.

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Why you should not go to Machu Picchu in September?

  • By the arrival of spring the dry weather changes to human especially in Aguas Calientes and Machupicchu for being jungle eyebrow.
  • It can rain the last days of September.
  • Arrival of mosquitoes, take repellents.
  • Solar radiation, use sunscreen.

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