Is there electricity at the Tambopata Lodge?

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The term ecological or environmentally sustainable tourism has become very popular in the last decade, yet these are considered somewhat novel terms in our country. The terms as such began to be used in the mid 90’s with the arrival of the precarious tourism to this region. A tourism more updated to the time, with visitors who in their adventure came in search of an authentic experience, nature in its purest and most virgin form, culture as an experience, that is to say, a tourism that mixes the experiential with areas very little explored by society. In the Tambopata area, the term environmentally sustainable is taken very seriously and is applied to the fullest extent possible, addressing almost all aspects of service and infrastructure, it is a fact that preserving the environment, the species that inhabit it and keeping it protected is everyone’s responsibility.

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To minimize the impact that tourism in the area has on the ecosystem, the following measures are taken in almost all the lodges that offer their services in Tambopata:

  • We prioritize the use of cleaning products, based on Glycerin, seeking to reuse as much as possible the elements of the environment and not giving room to the generation of polluting gases in the atmosphere.
  • Use of fruits and some other natural products of the area, free of insecticides and genetic manipulation, all the meals that will be consumed in the area will be prepared based on the own crops of the place, cutting the use of artificial preservatives and insecticides.
  • Agreement with conservationist organizations, due to the fact that the surroundings of Tambopata have protected areas with fauna and flora in danger of extinction, this joint work is necessary for the adequate conservation of the environment and the realization of a responsible tourism.
  • Use of renewable energy, all electronic devices and in general the energy used in the surroundings is from renewable and sustainable sources such as wind energy or solar panels, to avoid excessive consumption only a few hours a day electricity is offered, neglect this way you can become one with nature during your visit.
  • Use of flashlights, without the use of batteries that generate great pollution, by eradicating the use of batteries we can greatly support the environment, reducing the impact they have on water and land.
  • The non-use of electric generators based on fossil fuels, which have a great discharge of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • The use of candles for lighting to a large extent, and due to the humidity of the climate in the Amazon the risk of causing fires or accidents with their use is reduced by a large percentage.
  • Use of a network of ecological trails, built in such a way that they do not disturb wildlife or plant life and that their use does not interfere with the environmental dynamics of the area.
  • Use of certified wood, thus reducing the risk of excessive logging and not giving room for business at the expense of environmental integrity.
  • Infrastructure according to the area, with products from the region, without breaking the harmony of the place, since visual pollution is also very relevant in the area, we cannot disturb the ecosystem of the species that inhabit the surroundings, therefore we use materials extracted naturally in the area and we seek to be consistent with the aesthetics trying to go unnoticed in the Amazon jungle.
  • Continuous search for collaborators interested in being part of a parallel project, to start a small ecological community, which will be the basis to promote the increase of ecological awareness in the area.

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