Inca Jungle Trek Itinerary

Inca Jungle Trek

The Inca Jungle Trek itinerary is exciting and diverse, and offers a unique and exhilarating experience for adventurers wishing to explore the majestic Machu Picchu. Although specific details may vary depending on the tour operator chosen, here is a general example of the Inca Jungle Trek itinerary:

Day 1: Cusco – Abra Malaga – Santa Maria.

  • The first day begins with the transfer from Cusco to the starting point of the trek, normally at Abra Malaga, located at an altitude of approximately 4,316 meters. After a stop to take photos and enjoy the breathtaking scenery, the adventure begins with an exciting bike ride along winding mountain roads to the village of Santa Maria. On this day, you will also have the option to participate in additional activities, rafting.

Day 2: Santa Maria – Santa Teresa

  • On the second day, the excursion starts early in the morning. The route will take you through spectacular scenery, along ancient trails and over suspension bridges. During the hike, you will appreciate the lush jungle vegetation, cross rivers and discover some Inca ruins along the way. The final destination of the day is the charming village of Santa Teresa, where you can relax in the local hot springs of Cocalmayo.

Day 3: Santa Teresa – Hydroelectric Dam – Aguas Calientes

  • On the third day, first thing in the morning you will have the option to go zip lining, and then we will head to the Hydroelectric Power Plant where we will begin our hike to the town of Aguas Calientes. Along the way you will enjoy the lush scenery on this flat trail until you reach the base village for the visit to Machu Picchu. On this day, you will have the option to explore the local hot springs.

Day 4: Machu Picchu

  • On the last day, you will rise early to take the first bus to Machu Picchu and witness the sunrise over the ancient Inca city. This tour features a professional guide leading the group through Machu Picchu. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the ruins and delve into the fascinating history of this archaeological gem. After the tour, you will have free time to explore the site on your own, take photos or simply soak up the magical energy of the place. At the end of the day, you will return to Aguas Calientes and take the train back to Cuzco.

The Inca Jungle Trek itinerary combines exciting outdoor activities, hiking, biking and cultural experiences. It also includes a visit to Machu Picchu. It is a unique way to explore the region, allowing you to connect with the lush nature, local culture and create lasting memories along the way. Remember that itinerary details may vary depending on the tour operator you choose. So check in advance for accurate and up-to-date information about your Inca Jungle Trek.

Is it possible to see orchids on the Inca Jungle Trek?

Orchids in Machu Picchu
Orchids in Machu Picchu

Yes, it is possible to spot orchids during the Inca Trail. The Peruvian jungle is noted for its incredible biodiversity, with orchids being a special part of this ecosystem. With their vibrant colors and exotic shapes, orchids are fascinating flowers prized for their unique beauty.

Along the route, especially in areas of lush vegetation such as rainforests and valleys. You can also find orchids in their natural habitat. They can be hanging from trees, hidden in the foliage or even blooming on the ground. The diversity of orchids in the region is impressive, with a great variety of species and colors.

During your walk, keep an eye out for wooded areas and rainforests, where orchids tend to thrive. If you have a good eye and patience, you will be amazed by the beautiful orchids you will find along the way. In addition, local guides are often knowledgeable about the flora and can help you identify the different species of orchids that may be present in the area.

However, it is important to remember that nature is unpredictable. The flora can vary according to the time of year and weather conditions. Although there are orchids in the region, sightings cannot be guaranteed. But be sure to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding nature, regardless of the presence or absence of orchids.

The Inca Jungle Trail offers a unique opportunity to get in touch with the lush nature of the Peruvian jungle. With a little luck, you may spot some of the beautiful orchids that adorn this region. Enjoy the ride and pay attention to the details. Take the opportunity to witness the beauty of the wild orchids along your route.

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