Best agencies for the Inca Jungle Trek

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When planning your Inca Jungle Trek adventure, it’s essential to choose a reliable agency that offers high-quality service and a memorable experience.

These are some of the best travel agencies for the Inca Jungle Trek:

Lorenzo Expeditions:

  • Is a highly recommended tour agency specializing in adventures in Peru. They are known for their experienced guides, well-planned itineraries and commitment to sustainability. They offer flexible options for the Inca Jungle Trek, adapting to travelers’ needs and preferences.

Alpaca Expeditions:

  • Alpaca Expeditions is an award-winning agency that stands out for its excellence in service and customer care. They offer a variety of packages for the Inca Jungle Trek, allowing travelers to choose the duration and activities they wish to do along the trail. Their team of guides is highly qualified and dedicated to providing a safe and rewarding experience.

Llama Path:

  • Llama Path is a renowned tourism agency that offers the Inca Jungle Trek as part of its adventure packages. They are known for their attention to detail, impeccable logistics and high-quality service. Llama Path’s team of guides is experienced and provides an authentic and enriching experience throughout the journey.

Action Peru Treks:

  • Another respected agency that offers a variety of options for the Inca Jungle Trek is Action Peru Treks. Their professionalism, safety, and experience in outdoor adventures have gained them recognition. Their experienced guides guarantee an unforgettable experience, combining exciting activities with an immersion in the local culture.


  • Explorandes is a recognized agency with a solid reputation in adventure tourism in Peru. They offer well-structured itineraries for the Inca Jungle Trek, providing an exciting combination of activities, stunning landscapes and cultural experiences. Their team of highly qualified guides guarantees a safe and enriching experience.

These are just a few of the best agencies for the Inca Jungle Trek, but it’s important to do some detailed research and read reviews from other travelers before making a final decision. Consider your own requirements and preferences when choosing an agency, taking into account factors such as quality of service, reputation, experience of the guides and commitment to sustainability. By choosing a reliable agency, you will be guaranteeing a memorable and safe experience during your Inca Jungle Trek adventure.

The importance of choosing a government-registered agency

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When choosing an agency for the Inca Jungle Trek, we highly recommend selecting agencies registered with the Peruvian governmentRegistered and licensed agencies are generally subject to regulations and standards established to guarantee the safety of tourists and the quality of the services provided.

Here are some reasons why it is important to choose a government-registered agency:


  • Government authorities oblige registered agencies to follow regulations and standards. This includes ensuring that the agency has the proper licenses to operate, fulfilling the legal requirements to provide tourism services. By choosing a registered agency, you can have more confidence in the company’s reputation and reliability.


  • Regularly auditors ensure that registered agencies comply with established security standards. This includes evaluating their safety practices, guide qualifications, equipment maintenance and other aspects related to tourist safety. By opting for a registered agency, you increase your chances of having a safe experience during the Inca Jungle Trek.

Consumer protection:

  • Registered agencies are more likely to offer consumer protection measures, such as a refund guarantee in the event of cancellation or the possibility of filing complaints in the event of dissatisfaction with the services provided. These measures can provide peace of mind and security when planning your adventure.

It is important to remember that not all registered agencies are the same, and it is necessary to carry out proper research before making your choice. In addition to verifying the agency’s government registration, you can review feedback from fellow travelers, seek recommendations from trusted individuals, and compare services and prices across various agencies.

By choosing a government-registered agency for the Inca Jungle Trek, you are investing in a safer and more reliable experience. Make sure you ask the right questions, understand the services offered and are clear about all policies and procedures before confirming your booking. In this way, you’ll prepare yourself well to enjoy your Inca Jungle Trek adventure with peace of mind and confidence.

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