Yoga Retreats in Machu Picchu

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Let yourself be carried away by the mystery and adventure of a yoga retreat in Machu Picchu.

The exact use of the Inca citadel remains unknown to this day. Machu Picchu is located high in the impressive Andes Mountains of Peru, with wonderful scenery and an energy unique to this rainforest area. If you are looking for a yoga destination filled with culture and breathtaking views and locations, your next destination is Machu Picchu! Have no doubt that this dream destination will delight all your senses, and your yoga practice will be filled with joy and excitement. Book now a yoga retreat in Machu Picchu to discover yourself and find peace in a unique place full of history and unparalleled energy.

We recommend the following tours if you are looking for a yoga retreat in Machu Picchu:

4-day meditation, yoga and trekking retreat in Machu Picchu, Cusco with Sacred Journeys Retreats

Sacred Journeys Retreats
Sacred Journeys Retreats

Sign up for this tour if you are looking for a unique journey for the mind, body and soul where you get to connect deeply with the sacred place! Machu Picchu is at the top of many people’s bucket lists and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you enjoy meditating, connecting deeply with nature, practicing relaxing yoga, walking in nature with breathtaking landscapes and visiting the Inca jungle, this tour is for you! A truly special place and an experience that will keep a place in your heart and soul forever.


Guided meditations in the morning.
Sharing circles and gratitude practice.
Morning yoga practices for relaxation and energy recharge.
Trekking through the paths of the Inca civilization to Machu Picchu or Huayna Picchu mountain.
Ceremonies and offerings with the sacred plant of the coca leaf in Machu Picchu.
Workshops on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
Breakfasts and lunches made with vegan and healthy ingredients.
3 nights accommodation in a charming hotel.

Yoga styles

De pareja


Throughout this retreat, you can choose a shared or private room, either in the excellent and luxurious Golden Sunrise Machu Picchu, which is a four-star hotel, or in a pleasant two-star accommodation of great comfort. We recommend that you opt for the 4-star lodging option, for a slightly higher cost. It is comfortable, spacious, quiet, adjacent to the jungle and is where our classes and meals are held.


Sample program (may vary)
The exact program will be given to you after your arrival.

07:00 Morning Yoga and meditation – intentional work – gratitude
08:30 Delicious breakfast at the hotel (included)
10:30 Hike to the waterfalls in the jungle
12:00 Blessing ceremony at the river and visit to the town of Aguas Calientes
13:30 Lunch at the visitor’s choice
14:30 Free time
16:00 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and mental protection workshop.
17:00 Visit with direction to the hot springs and medicinal springs
18:45 Evening meditation, sharing circle, chanting and optional light yoga
19:45 Orientation for your visit to Machu Picchu – dinner and rest

Itinerary – Travel route

Day before the retreat:

Arrival at Cusco airport. You will be picked up and driven to the beautiful village of Ollantaytambo – in the Sacred Valley near the city of Cusco.

You will find beautiful views of the mountains, beautiful cafes, restaurants, ancient buildings, craft markets and ancient ruins.

The town is small and safe so you can explore it on foot. This day you will have your rest and prepare for the retreat starting the next day. It is possible to meet up with your fellow retreatants on this day.

Day 1

This morning you will be picked up at your hotel and taken to the train station for a 1:40 minute ride to the town of Aguas Calientes, located below the mountain that houses the ruins of Machu Picchu. You will be welcomed by the hotel staff at the station, then you will go to the hotel to check in and be accommodated in your room. Activities: opening circle, healthy lunch with locally grown products (vegan, plant-based, yogic), tour of the village with visits to historical points of the village. Evening gathering for sharing, meditation, relaxation, guidance, intentional work and dinner.

Day 2

Yoga and meditation in the morning, ideal breakfast for the day ahead, healthy and local products, variety based on plants, hike to the waterfalls located in the jungle, with revitalizing properties and where you will live unforgettable experiences, rest, lunch, more visits to the city and the village craft market, river blessing ceremony, rest, evening meditation meeting, a little yoga for group members who wish, orientation and information about Machu Picchu, guided inner healing process of the group and more. Dinner and rest.

Day 3

Morning meditation, breakfast, early bus ride to the ruins of Machu Picchu, you will spend the whole day in the ruins enjoying walks along the wonder, visits to sacred ruins of great religious value, meditation, traditional spiritual offerings of coca leaves – prayers, guided tour by a local guide who shares culture with the area to which Machu Picchu belongs. You will take a bus to the city in the afternoon and have a break before the evening meeting to close the day and meditate, then continue with dinner and the respective rest.

Day 4

In the morning yoga and meditation, breakfast, closing ceremony, check out of the hotel and take a train back to the village of Ollantaytambo located in the Sacred Valley. You will be offered a 2-4 day trip in the Sacred Valley to continue your retreat in another equally wonderful and enchanting destination if you wish. Pre-registration is required. If you need private transportation to Cusco and the airport, you can contact the company to coordinate your transportation.

Vacation to revitalize and restore wellness in Peru with Unlocked

This retreat organized by Unlocked has been carefully and passionately planned to give the adventurous person an unforgettable and authentic experience in the magical country of Peru. On this retreat, you will explore Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Aguas Calientes, and hike through the citadel of Machu Picchu. You will experience the rich culture and charm of Cusco, practice yoga in the immaculate studio space of a luxury retreat center in the Sacred Valley, enjoy the experience of meditating in the seven chakra gardens, discover ancient ruins, and explore the lost city of Machu Picchu.


Yoga practice
Healing through sound and cacao ceremony
Meditation at the Temple of the Moon

Trekking and exploration of Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu and excursion to the salt mines of Las Salineras in Maras, Cusco.
Explore the city of Cuzco, the Sacred Valley and the town of Aguas Calientes located at the foot of the mountain that houses the citadel of Machu Picchu.
7 nights lodging.
Most meals.

Yoga styles



During this retreat, you will stay in different types of accommodations. Each hotel where you will stay have sustainable practices and help preserve Peruvian culture as well as provide education to children in poverty. They are Niños Hotel, Willka Tika Retreat Center, and a hotel in Aguas Calientes.

Willka Tika Retreat Center

Willka Tika

Willka T’ika is the first luxury wellness retreat in Peru’s Sacred Valley, with easy access to the world heritage citadel of Machu Picchu and the nearby city of Cusco. Willka T’ika is a satisfying ecological sanctuary for rejuvenation, relaxation and the cultivation of proper body and mind wellness. It is a perfect choice for hosting a group retreat, as well as for booking accommodations while traveling in the region.

The energy of tranquility that Willka T’ika and its mystical surroundings inspire, refresh and revitalize, offer you a wonderful connection with Mother Nature, of great religious and cultural value to the Quechuas and referred to as Pachamama. This lodge is located in one of the most energetically charged places on earth, Willka T’ika prides itself in catering to the spiritual and cultural needs of all guests seeking an authentic mind, body and spirit experience.

Inca ruins, ceremonial sites, temples and a myriad of cultural activities will be found in close proximity to the estancia’s location. For hikers who venture into this experience, meandering rivers, charming villages and high mountain meadows where herds of llamas and alpacas graze await.


Day 1:

Pick up from Cusco airport around 11 a.m.
Check in at Hotel Niños and rest.
Group lunch at Hotel Niños.
Cocoa Ceremony in the afternoon.
Group dinner at Green Point (named the 12th best vegan restaurant in the world!).

Day 2

Breakfast at the Hotel Niños which has a varied menu with dishes of important reception by diners.
Visit to the White Christ, considered as one of the protectors of the city of Cusco, this statue located in the heights of the city of Machupicchu and near Sacsayhuaman is a tourist spot that generates great interest among visitors to Cusco.
Meditate in the Temple of the Moon.
Group lunch at Nuna Raymi.
Free time for you to enjoy your visit in Cusco.
Yoga and movement class at 4:30 p.m.
Dinner on your own.

Day 3

Desayuno en el Hotel Niños.
Almuerzo por su cuenta.
Salida en autobús hacia el Valle Sagrado a las 14:30 (Centro de Retiros Willka Tika).
Tiempo libre para explorar el centro de retiro y sus alrededores.
Clase nocturna de sanación a través del sonido y yoga fusión.
Cena deliciosa en Willka Tika.

Day 4

Morning of movement and meditation.
Breakfast at Willka Tika.
Hike and exploration to the Salt Mines located in Moray (Salineras de Maras).
Lunch at Willka Tika.
Stretching in the afternoon.
Dinner and rest in Willka Tika.

Day 5

Morning movement and meditation.
Breakfast at Willka Tika.
Day at leisure. Schedule a massage, a visit to the retreat center, meditate in the gardens.
Lunch on your own.
Yoga fusion and embodiment.
Dinner and rest in your room at Willka Tika.

Day 6

Morning movement and meditation.
Breakfast at Willka Tika.
Train to Machu Picchu.
Lunch in take-away bags prepared by Willka T’ika.
Check in at the hotel.
Early group dinner.

Day 7

04:00 Time to get up to hike to Machu Picchu!
Lunch on your own.
Train back to Cusco at 4:20 pm.
Overnight at Hotel Niños.

Day 8

Group breakfast at Hotel Niños.
And farewell from our group.
Thank you and goodbye for now!
Note: Itinerary subject to change.

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