Can I travel to the jungle alone?

Amazonas Peru

As the jungle is known to popular culture, these are deep, dark and gloomy forests that hide countless dangers, that in every corner you will find a new predator, as well as millions and millions of poisonous species that will not let you sleep peacefully. Visiting this dangerous region of the world is a risk you must take, and when you do, be on the lookout for deadly snakes, spiders and other ferocious creatures at every turn.

While these terrifying descriptions are an easy way to create fiction and give a tone of creepy interest to this tropical region, these stories about the Amazon are only found in books and action movies. The truth about this famous jungle is that it is much safer than most cities, and animals of all sizes fear people much more than they do, truly this region is a worldly paradise and should be preserved because of its vital importance to the whole earth. That said, we write this article seeking to answer the question: Can you travel alone in the Peruvian Amazon?

Amazonas Tambopata
Visit the jungle Tambopata

Although it is not at all advisable for anyone who wants to visit the Amazon on their own to pick up a machete and hack their way through the intricate Peruvian rainforest, this is not the way to experience this amazing habitat. The best and most spectacular and complete way to visit is to stay in a comfortable lodge in the middle of the jungle with excellent traditional food made from locally grown ingredients, first class service and guides with a lot of experience in these parts, as well as full of very interesting and useful information about life in the Amazon rainforest. So, whether you are traveling alone or with the whole family, you will be able to relax, experience the Amazon at your own pace and see the most attractions in the place without forgetting that you will be being ecologically responsible with your visit, most lodges that offer their services in the area practice Ecotourism, which is the development of tourism activities with environmental responsibility, reducing the impact of your visit in the area and even benefiting this region. If you do it on your own, a good guide is indispensable, as he will accompany you through the complicated trails, with his experience he will help you observe animals that at first sight you would miss and he can also help you plan activities adapted to your needs and itineraries.

Whether you are coming to Tambopata alone or with a group, booking with a travel agency will help you plan the trip of a lifetime. What would you like to see in the Peruvian rainforest? Don’t hesitate any longer and book a Tambopata jungle tour today, these lands full of interesting activities are waiting for you.

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