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Very close to the city of Puerto Maldonado, and other options a little further away, there are lodges and lodge in the Tambopata National Reserve that offer an elaborate plan of activities within the Amazon rainforest.

These lodges are tourist service facilities that offer lodging, food and guided tours to explore the jungle, including various types of amenities as well as more economical options.

The jungle lodges have excellent organized activity plans for exploring the Amazon rainforest and encounters with wildlife in its natural state.

The activities and visit programs have diverse plans and a great variety of activities, some for basic knowledge and others very specialized aimed at fans of the study of the area, some include visits to protected natural areas, visits to native communities, and the most remote in the river basin include the sighting of macaws in Collpas de Arcilla which is a highly recommended experience if you decide to visit Tambopata.

Tambopata Lodges

These lodges are the best option to visit the Amazon and explore the jungle where you can enjoy this rare ecosystem in Peru. They are usually located on the banks of a river, in the Madre de Dios or Tambopata river basin.

As part of the activities, some of these may include visits to the protected natural areas of the department of Madre de Dios, Lake Sandoval, Lake Valencia and Inkaterra Canopy and the more remote ones in the Tambopata River basin include macaw watching in the Colorado Collpa.

Lodge services begin upon arrival at the Puerto Maldonado airport and include transfers from the airport to the port, boat transportation to the lodge, accommodation, meals and all guided excursions to explore the jungle and Amazonian rivers. If you wish to stay at one of these lodges, we recommend you go to Tambopata Tours, where you can see the detailed programs at each of these lodges.

Services in the lodges and jungle lodges

Tambopata National Reserve
Tambopata National Reserve

The option of knowing the Amazon rainforest with a program of visits from a jungle lodge is the most recommended because your experience will be better organized and the amount of activities that you can do in the surroundings will complement your experience in the Amazon rainforest from the comfort of a precise accommodation for tourists.

The services of a lodge begin with the reception of its guests at the airport in Puerto Maldonado, the transfer by river to the lodge, the accommodation in the room, your meals during your stay and then the beginning of all the activities scheduled during the time you spend in this fantastic place.

There are lodges ideal for those who just want to have a light experience of the Amazon, others ideal for family trips with children and others for extreme activities, as well as other options for visitors interested in deep studies and jungle experiences.

The lodges generally have a central area where the dining room, entertainment, kitchen, bar, chat room and administrative area are located. The rooms are cabins with toilet facilities. They are usually out of reach of telephony and have satellite communication services via Internet and WiFi.

The tour operators of the lodges are in charge of arranging permits to enter and visit the protected natural areas which you will be able to visit during your stay.


The activities and visit programs offer you the possibility to visit the different protected natural areas of the department of Madre de Dios, especially the Tambopata National Reserve, Lake Valencia, Lake Sandoval and Inkaterra Canopy, visit native communities, and the most remote in the Tambopata River basin include the sighting of macaws in Collpa Colorado, these are unique experiences where you can see a great diversity of species that make up this rich ecosystem.

The best lodges in Tambopata


Tambopata Research Center (Tambopata Research Center)

The isolated and remote location of the Tambopata Research Center, within an area ceded by the Tambopata National Reserve and adjacent to the Bahaone Sonene National Park, ensures that the surrounding rainforest ecosystem remains intact and vast, while wildlife populations are at their maximum capacity so sightings will not be an inconvenience. The Tambopata Research Center has conducted a great deal of innovative research on macaw conservation, making it a place of great importance to the environment. During your stay, you will probably have the opportunity to talk with macaw biologists, ecologists and other experts staying at the Tambopata Research Center while doing field work and studying the surrounding area.

The Tambopata Research Center (TRC) requires at least four nights for travel time. The Tambopata Research Center is four hours upriver from Refugio Amazonas. From the Puerto Maldonado airport, you are transported in our buses to the port of Infierno, where you will board our outboard motor canoes for the two and a half hour trip to Refugio Amazonas. The boat trip from Refugio Amazonas to the Tambopata Research Center is four hours upriver, the lodge is a few minutes walk from the port.

  • Distance from Puerto Maldonado: 7 hours by boat – Tambopata River

Tambopata Inkaterra Lodge

Exotic and accessible at the same time, Inkaterra Lodge is located in a private reserve of 12,000 hectares, surrounded by the lush Amazon rainforest of Peru.

Inkaterra, the company that pioneered nature travel and research in Peru, offers an unforgettable introduction to this amazing realm of unparalleled biodiversity.

Located 15 km from Puerto Maldonado, from the Puerto Maldonado pier, for a 45-minute boat ride to the lodge on the left bank of the Madre de Dios River. Inkaterra Lodge is located next to the lush Tambopata National Reserve, where the Madre de Dios River meanders through the southern region of the Amazon rainforest, known as the Biodiversity Capital of Peru. A paradise located in the heart of a private ecological reserve of 17,000 hectares. Several jungle excursions, such as the Canopy or the Anaconda Walk, offer easy access to Lake Sandoval.

  • Distance from Puerto Maldonado: 16 Km – Madre de Dios River

The Amazon Lodge

Amazon Lodge Tambopata is a 32-room lodge, located four hours from Puerto Maldonado airport. It is ideal for adventurers and also families, it has a trail specially designed for children, the only one in the Peruvian Amazon where the little ones can explore and learn about the Amazon in a safe way.

The Amazon Lodge is located in a 200-hectare private reserve within the protected area of the Tambopata National Reserve. Rainforest Expeditions has partnered with local families who sustainably harvest chestnuts in the surrounding forest to ensure that the benefits of ecotourism are shared with local people in the area.

  • Ideal for children: Amazon Lodge has a special trail for children and a playground inside the Tambopata National Reserve.
  • Distance from Puerto Maldonado: 4 hours by boat – Tambopata River

The Posada Amazonas Lodge

Posada Amazonas Lodge is a jungle lodge with 30 rooms, perfect for a first time experience in the natural wonders that make up the Peruvian Amazon.

This lodge is owned by the Ese-Eja indigenous community of Infierno and is managed in collaboration with Rainforest Expeditions. Posada Amazonas is located within the Ese-Eja communal reserve, adjacent to the Tambopata National Reserve.

Just 45 minutes by boat from the city of Puerto Maldonado, this spacious and comfortable lodge offers an excellent combination of comfort and convenience with great opportunities to see Amazonian wildlife, all during a two-night getaway.

  • Distance from Puerto Maldonado: 45 minutes by boat – Tambopata River

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