Sport fishing in the Pantanal

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Do you feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins? Imagine a dream scenario: crystal clear waters, lush vegetation and an epic fight against a colossal Dorado. The Pantanal, the largest floodplain on the planet, invites you to live an unparalleled fishing experience.

Sport Fishing in the Pantanal: An Unforgettable Adventure

Sport fishing in the Pantanal

Sport fishing in the Pantanal offers an incomparable adventure full of excitement for those who enjoy this activity. This region, located in the center of South America, is the largest wetland in the world and extends through the territories of Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.

Discover the Species that await you in Pantanal

Sport fishing in the Pantanal
  • Dorado: The king of the Pantanal, known for its fierceness and acrobatics.
  • Pacu: A fish of great size and exquisite meat.
  • Piracanjuba: A freshwater giant that will test your strength.
  • Jaú: A formidable fighter with incomparable beauty.
  • And many more: More than 260 species inhabit these waters.

Each species offers a unique fishing experience, from the fierce fight of the Dorado to the cunning of the Pacu.

Indispensable equipment for your Pantanal Adventure:

  • Rods and reels: Adapted to the target species.
  • Lines and hooks: Resistant to the strength of the fish.
  • Baits: Natural or artificial, according to the fish’s preference.
  • Boots and clothing: Suitable for navigation and weather.
  • Repellents: Against mosquitoes and other insects.

Fishing Techniques

  • Spinning: Ideal for catching Dorados, Piracanjubas and Pacúes.
  • Trolling: An effective technique to explore large extensions of water.
  • Fly Fishing: A challenge for the most experienced, perfect for Dorado fishing.

Expert Guides at your side:

Hire a Local Guide: They will show you the best fishing spots, advise you on techniques and guarantee a safe experience.

When is the best time to fish?

  • High Season: June to September, when the rivers run low and the fish concentrate in the lagoons.
  • Low Season: October to May, ideal for fly fishing and catching species such as Dorado.

When is the Fishing Season in Pantanal?

Fishing Season

The fishing season in the Pantanal varies according to the species. In general, the best time to fish is during the dry season, from May to October, when water levels drop and fish concentrate in the rivers and lakes. During these months, conditions are ideal for successful fishing.

When to Plan your Pantanal Fishing Adventure?

Sport fishing in the Pantanal

The fishing season in the Pantanal varies according to the species:

  • Dorado: June to September, with a peak in August.
  • Jaú: December to April, with a peak in February.
  • Piracanjuba: September to November.
  • Pacu: All year round, with best results between May and August.
  • Payara: December to April.

What are the Fishing Regulations?

To ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem, fishing in the Pantanal is regulated by:

  • Fishing license: Mandatory for all fishermen.
  • Minimum and maximum catch sizes: To protect fish stocks.
  • Closed species: Prohibited from fishing during certain periods.

Where can I find Fishing Guides?

The Importance of a Good Guide

There are many companies that offer fishing guide services in Pantanal. These professionals know the waters well and can help you find the best places to fish. In addition, they will also be able to guide you on the most effective fishing techniques in Pantanal.


  • Plan your trip in advance: book accommodation, guides and fishing licenses.
  • Be physically prepared: Fishing in the Pantanal can be demanding.
  • Respect the environment: Follow responsible fishing rules and protect this unique ecosystem.

Sport fishing in the Pantanal is a unique experience that no fishing enthusiast should miss. From the variety of species to the beauty of the surroundings, there is something for everyone in this stunning ecosystem. Remember to always respect the fishing regulations and enjoy the experience responsibly.

The Pantanal is calling: don’t miss the opportunity to explore this sport fishing paradise and become a legend.

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