Sport Fishing in Peru: Adventure in the Amazon

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Are you ready to immerse yourself in a unique sport fishing experience in Peru? Its vast expanse of rivers and lakes in the Amazon region offers you an unparalleled opportunity for a thrilling adventure as you chase some of the most coveted fish species for fishing enthusiasts. Its mighty rivers, hidden lagoons and unparalleled biodiversity await you to offer you a unique and unrepeatable experience.

What Awaits You on Your Fishing Trip in Peru?

An Unforgettable Experience

Sport fishing in Peru is much more than just casting a rod and waiting. It is a multi-sensory experience that will transport you to a world of unspoiled nature. Here, the roar of rivers intermingles with the singing of exotic birds and the buzzing of insects. Get ready to witness breathtaking landscapes, from towering cliffs to dense rainforests, as you chase down your prized catches.

Species Diversity

The Peruvian Amazon is home to an incredible diversity of fish species, each more exciting than the last. From the mighty tucunaré, known for its fierce fighting, to the towering arapaima, considered one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. You’ll have the opportunity to take on unique and exciting challenges on each release.

Adventure & Relaxation

If you prefer the thrill of chasing the most combative fish, sport fishing in Peru gives you the best experience. You can also simply enjoy the tranquility of the Amazon rivers and lakes. You can soak in the adrenaline rush of hunting or relax in the serenity of nature, depending on your mood.

Places for Sport Fishing in the Peruvian Amazon

Your fishing trip in Peru will take you to dreamlike places, where nature unfolds in all its majesty. Some of the most popular destinations for sport fishing in the Peruvian Amazon include:

Amazon River

The mythical Amazon River, one of the longest and mightiest rivers in the world, offers you the opportunity to fish for emblematic species such as the tucunaré, the payara and the piraiba. Sailing its waters is an experience in itself, surrounded by lush vegetation and a diversity of wildlife.

Madre de Dios River

This tributary of the Amazon is known for its wealth of large fish, such as the sungaro and the tambaqui. In addition, its shores are dotted with beautiful landscapes and riverside communities, providing a unique cultural experience.

Tambopata River

Located in the heart of the Tambopata National Reserve, this river is a paradise for sport fishing lovers. Here you can face species such as tarpon and tucunaré, while enjoying untouched nature and impressive biodiversity.

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

This vast protected area is a real treasure trove for sport fishermen. Its rivers and lagoons are home to a wide variety of species, including the tucunaré, the sungaro and the tarpon. In addition, it offers the opportunity to observe rich wildlife, such as pink dolphins and exotic birds.

Sandoval Lake

Located near Puerto Maldonado, this lake is an idyllic spot for family sport fishing. Its crystal clear and calm waters are home to species such as tarpon and tucunaré, providing a relaxing and thrilling experience.

Fish Species for Sport Fishing in the Peruvian Amazon

The Peruvian Amazon is home to a wide variety of freshwater fish species, each with its own characteristics and challenges. Among the most popular for sport fishing are:


The tucunaré is considered one of the most exciting freshwater fish for sport fishing. Known for its fierce fighting and powerful leaps, this species will test your skills and endurance.


Also known as “the saber-toothed of rivers,” the payara is an exciting and extremely fast species. Its powerful bite and speed will challenge your reflexes and fishing skills.


This giant species, also known as “the monster of the rivers,” is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Its size and strength make its capture an exciting challenge and an unforgettable experience.


The arapaima is an air-breathing fish that can reach impressive sizes. This makes it a coveted trophy for more expert sport anglers. Their strength and endurance will make every capture an epic battle.


This robust fish is a classic of sport fishing in the Peruvian Amazon. Its considerable size and energetic fighting make it an exciting and rewarding prey.


With its huge mouth and impressive strength, the sungaro is a formidable challenge for more experienced anglers. Capturing it requires patience, skill, and a healthy dose of emotion.


Although not as large as some of the other species, tarpon is an excellent choice for family sport fishing. Its energetic fight and abundance in Amazonian rivers and lakes make it an exciting and accessible prey.

Family Sport Fishing

The Peruvian Amazon is not only a destination for the most experienced anglers, but also for those looking for a memorable family experience. Places such as Sandoval Lake and some stretches of the Madre de Dios River offer the opportunity to enjoy sport fishing in a quiet and safe environment. Here, kids can learn and get excited about this exciting activity.

Equipment for Sport Fishing in Peru

To get the most out of your fishing trip in Peru, you’ll need the following equipment:

  • Fishing rod: Choose a fishing rod that is suitable for the type of fishing you are going to do and for the size of the fish you hope to catch.
  • Fishing reel: A fishing reel that has the capacity to store enough line for the fishing you’re going to do.
  • Fishing line: Choose a fishing line suitable for the size of the fish you hope to catch and for the water conditions.
  • Lures and baits: Carry a variety of lures and baits to attract different types of fish.
  • Other accessories: Other useful accessories for sport fishing include sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, and first aid kit.

Accommodations for an unforgettable experience

In the Peruvian Amazon, you’ll find a wide variety of accommodations for sport fishermen, from luxury lodges to rustic cabins. Some of the most popular lodges for sport fishing include:

  • Tres Islas Lodge: A luxury lodge located on the Madre de Dios River, offering a unique fishing experience in a pristine natural setting.
  • Tambopata Research Center: A lodge located in the Tambopata National Reserve. It offers a combination of sport fishing, bird watching, and other activities in the Amazon rainforest.
  • Inland Expeditions: A tour operator that offers sport fishing packages in different locations in the Peruvian Amazon.
  • Amazon Anglers: A tour operator specializing in sport fishing on the Amazon River.

Tips for Sport Fishing in Peru

To get the most out of your fishing trip in Peru, we recommend following these tips:

  • Hire a fishing guide: An experienced fishing guide can help you find the best fishing spots. In addition, it can assist you in choosing the right equipment and teach you the most effective fishing techniques.
  • Respect the environment: The Amazon is a fragile ecosystem, so it’s important to fish responsibly. Don’t litter, don’t damage vegetation, and release fish you don’t want to keep.
  • Follow the rules and regulations: Make sure you know the rules and regulations of fishing in Peru before your trip. Some species of fish are in danger of extinction and their fishing is prohibited.
  • Enjoy the experience: Sport fishing in Peru is a unique and unforgettable experience. Enjoy nature, fishing and the company of your friends or family.

Sport fishing in Peru is an adventure that combines excitement, natural beauty and the opportunity to face challenges. Whether you’re looking for the adrenaline rush of chasing the most combative species, this destination will provide you with unforgettable experiences. You will also be able to enjoy the tranquility of the Amazon rivers and lakes. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of adventure, where excitement and nature merge in a truly unique experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sport Fishing in Peru

What is the best time for sport fishing in the Peruvian Amazon?

The best time for sport fishing in the Peruvian Amazon is usually during the high-water season, which usually runs from November to April. However, there are excellent fishing opportunities throughout the year, depending on the target species and the specific rivers or lakes you plan to visit.

Do I need a special license or permit for sport fishing in Peru?

Yes, to practice sport fishing in Peru, you will need to obtain a sport fishing license issued by the Peruvian government. Your fishing guides or travel agencies can help you with this process.

Is it safe to go sport fishing in the Peruvian Amazon?

Sport fishing in the Peruvian Amazon is generally safe if you follow the recommendations of your guides and take the proper precautions. However, it is important to be prepared for jungle conditions and take basic safety measures, such as wearing first aid equipment and protection from insects and weather.

Can I practice catch-and-release fishing?

Yes, catch-and-release fishing is widely practiced and encouraged in the Peruvian Amazon, as it contributes to the conservation of fish species. Your guides will give you instructions on how to handle and release the fish safely and responsibly.

What type of accommodation is best suited for sport fishing in Peru?

The most suitable type of accommodation will depend on your preferences and budget. Luxury lodges offer first-class amenities, while ecolodges and jungle camps provide a more authentic and close-to-nature experience. Community accommodations in riverside villages are also a great option to immerse yourself in the local culture.

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