Sport fishing for paco (Piaractus brachypomus) in Tambopata

Pesca deportiva de paco, Tambopata amazonas

Sport fishing for paco (Piaractus brachypomus) in the Tambopata River, Peruvian Amazon: Feel the Thrill of Capturing an Amazon Giant

The Tambopata River, heart of the Peruvian Amazon, invites you to live an unparalleled sport fishing experience: the capture of the mighty Paco (Piaractus brachypomus). A fierce fighting fish that will test your skills and reward you with an unforgettable experience.

Do you dare to challenge the Amazonian giant?

Brief Description of Paco Sport Fishing in the Tambopata River

To dive into the waters of the Tambopata is to enter a natural paradise, surrounded by lush vegetation and incomparable fauna. Paco fishing becomes an exciting adventure, where patience, technique and adrenaline combine to create a unique moment.

What is the Paco (Piaractus brachypomus)?.

The Paco is a large and robust fish, characteristic of Amazonian waters. Its white and firm flesh, of exquisite flavor, makes it a coveted trophy for sport fishermen.

Its Habitat and its Importance in the Ecosystem.

The Paco inhabits the warm and turbulent waters of the Tambopata River, where it finds refuge in logs and rocks. It is an omnivorous fish, feeding on fruits, seeds, insects and other fish. Its role in the ecosystem is fundamental, as it helps control the populations of other species and contributes to the health of the river.

How to get to the Tambopata River?

There are different options to get to the Tambopata River from Cusco:

  • Ground transportation: A 6 to 7 hour road trip takes you to Puerto Maldonado, the gateway to the Tambopata National Reserve.
  • Air transportation: 30-minute flights from Cusco take you to the city of Puerto Maldonado. From there, a short bus ride takes you to your fishing lodge.

Best Times of the Year for Paco Fishing.

The best times for Paco fishing in Tambopata are:

  • Vacancy Season (June to October): The river lowers its flow, concentrating fish in more accessible areas.
  • Rising Season (November to May): The river increases its flow, offering a greater variety of places to fish.
Sport fishing for paco

Equipment Requirements and Safety Recommendations.

For a safe and successful experience, we recommend:

  • Medium-heavy to heavy action rods and reels.
  • Fishing lines from 20 to 30 pounds.
  • Hooks size 4 to 8..
  • Artificial lures or live bait (small fish, worms).
  • Comfortable and cool clothing.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Sunscreen..
  • Hat or cap..Sombrero o gorra.
  • Life jacket.

Always follow the instructions of your fishing guide to ensure a safe and responsible experience.

Pesca deportiva de paco

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fish can I catch in Tambopata?.

In addition to the Paco, you can fish for other species such as:

  • Dorado (Salminus brasiliensis).
  • Payara (Hydrolycus scomberoides)
  • Sábalo (Brycon orbignyanus)
  • Tucunaré (Cichla spp.)

What is the best time to fish in Tambopata? What is the best time to fish in Tambopata?

The best times are the Emptying season (June to October) and the Crescent season (November to May).

What do I need to fish in Tambopata?

You do not need a fishing license. We recommend you hire a fishing tour with an authorized tour operator who will provide you with the necessary equipment and the assistance of an experienced guide.

How much does a fishing tour in Tambopata cost?.

Prices vary according to the length of the tour, type of accommodation and services included. You can find tours starting at $100 USD per day.

What are the best fishing lodges in Tambopata? What are the best fishing lodges in Tambopata?

Some of the most renowned lodges are:

  • Tambopata Research Center: Offers a high quality fishing experience with a focus on sustainability.
  • Posada Amazonas: A lodge with a family atmosphere and an excellent location for Paco fishing.
  • Reserva Amazonica Lodge: A luxury lodge with access to exclusive fishing areas.

Is it safe to fish in Tambopata?.

Yes, fishing in Tambopata is safe as long as you follow the safety recommendations of your fishing guide.

What other activities can I do in Tambopata??

In addition to fishing, you can do activities such as:

  • Bird watching: Tambopata is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with more than 600 species recorded.
  • Jungle hikes: Explore the rainforest and discover its incredible flora and fauna.
  • Visits to local communities: Learn about the culture and traditions of the indigenous peoples that inhabit the region.

How to get to Tambopata?

You can reach Tambopata by land or air transport from Cusco.

What do I need to know to travel to Tambopata?

We recommend:

  • Wear comfortable and cool clothing.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Hat or cap..
  • Cash (there are no ATMs in the area).
  • Passport and visa.

Paco fishing in the Tambopata River awaits you. A unique experience that combines the thrill of sport fishing with the incomparable beauty of the Peruvian Amazon.

Are you ready to challenge the Amazonian giant?.

Book your fishing tour today and live an unforgettable adventure.

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