Places to visit in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

The incomparable Sacred Valley of the Incas, in the imposing shadow of the Andes, is one of Peru’s most precious treasures. Its name, loaded with history and mysticism, immerses us in the grandeur of a glorious past that still palpitates in its lands. We invite you to discover our experience and all that this place has to offer.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas

The Sacred Valley is located in the majestic mountains of the Peruvian Andes. It offers a unique experience for travelers seeking history, culture and the beauty of nature. From its ancient archaeological sites to its breathtaking landscapes, this valley captivates the senses and nourishes the soul of those who explore it.

Exploring the Sacred Valley: Organized vs. Independent Tours

Places to visit in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Organized Sacred Valley Tour

For those with little time and a burning desire to explore all the wonders of the Sacred Valley, organized tours are the ideal option. These tours depart from Cuzco and take you through the highlights of the valley. These destinations include such gems as the salt mines of Maras and Moray. Accompanied by an expert guide, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Inca history and culture, without worrying about travel logistics.

Pros of the Organized Tour:

  • Expert guide accompaniment.
  • Structured itinerary that maximizes visiting time.
  • Access to the best sites without wasting time in planning.

Cons of the Organized Tour:

  • Lack of freedom to explore at your own pace.
  • Limited choice of restaurants and activities.
  • Restrictions on the length of visits to each site.

Independent Exploration of the Sacred Valley

For those who prefer the freedom to chart their own path, exploring the Sacred Valley on your own offers an enriching and personalized experience. Although it requires more planning and a slightly higher budget, this option allows you to explore the less traveled corners of the valley. It also offers the possibility of enjoying greater flexibility in the itinerary.

Pros of Independent Exploration:

  • Freedom to explore places off the conventional tourist route.
  • Flexibility in the choice of activities and schedules.
  • More authentic and immersive experience.

Cons of Independent Exploration:

  • More advance planning and organization.
  • Slightly higher cost compared to organized tours.
  • Requires several days in the Sacred Valley to make the most of the experience.

Main Destinations in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Sacred Valley of the Incas

1) Chinchero: Cradle of Inca Traditions

textiles chinchero

Chinchero, the ancient home of the Inca Tupac Inca Yupanqui, dazzles with its stepped terraces and architectural vestiges. In addition to its historical richness, this town is famous for the quality of its textiles, which reflect the artisan heritage of its inhabitants.

2) Pisaq: The Splendor of the Inca Ruins


High in the mountains, the ruins of Pisaq stand as silent witnesses to the splendor of the Inca empire. With its agricultural terraces and urban vestiges, this archaeological site offers a window to the glorious past of the Andean civilization.

3) Ollantaytambo: Unassailable Fortress

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Known as the “living fortress”, Ollantaytambo impresses with its monumental architecture and imposing landscape. From its legendary Temple of the Sun to the enigmatic ruins of Pinkuylluna, this town embodies the grandeur and mystery of the Sacred Valley.

4) Maras: Salt Flats and Tradition

Maras, famous for its pink salt mines, is an emblematic destination in the Sacred Valley. Its thousands of salt ponds, exploited by the local community, offer a unique visual spectacle that you cannot miss during your visit to the valley.

5) Moray: Inca Agricultural Laboratory


The site of Moray, with its stepped circular terraces, is a testimony to the agricultural ingenuity of the Incas. Considered an experimental laboratory, this fascinating site reveals the secrets of ancient agriculture in the Peruvian Andes.

Tips for an Unforgettable Experience

  • Plan Ahead: Take time to research and plan your visit to the Sacred Valley to make the most of every moment.
  • Respect for Nature and Culture: Respect archaeological sites and local communities during your trip, thus contributing to the conservation of the valley.
  • Flexibility: Keep an open mind and be flexible in your itinerary, allowing you to discover hidden gems and unexpected experiences in the Sacred Valley.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas awaits you with its ancestral treasures. It also offers sublime landscapes, ready to captivate and amaze intrepid travelers. Whether on an organized tour or exploring on your own, this magical corner of Peru promises an unforgettable experience. The beauty and charm of this place will linger in the hearts of those who visit.

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