Peru Fishing Tour: The most famous places

Sport Fishing in Tambopata Amazon

In Peru’s vast territory, fishing is an activity rooted in its culture and economy. From the waters off the coast to the depths of the jungle, this South American country offers a wide range of options for fishing enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the different types of fishing common in Peru. We will also highlight the most famous places to fish and the various species that can be caught in its waters.

Types of Fishing in Peru

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Sport fishing in Peru

Peru’s diverse geography provides the opportunity to practice different types of fishing. Both in the highlands and jungle regions as well as on the coast, fishing has become an activity of great relevance both at an industrial and artisanal level.

Inland Fishing

  • In the highlands and jungle regions, inland fishing is common. This modality includes fishing in rivers, lakes and lagoons, where species such as paiche, dorado, tarpon and trout, among others, can be caught. Kayak fishing is especially popular in these areas, offering a unique experience in direct contact with nature.

Sea Fishing

  • On the Peruvian coast, sea fishing is an outstanding activity, both industrial and artisanal. The Pacific waters are home to a great diversity of species, from deep sea fish to crustaceans. Among the most practiced modalities is deep sea fishing, using techniques such as spinning. Another popular option is surfcasting, which involves casting the hook from the shore into the waves in search of exciting catches.

The most famous fishing spots in Peru

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Places to fish Peru

Peru has a wide variety of places that are true paradises for anglers. From wild rivers to quiet mountain lakes, there are options for all tastes and experience levels. Below, we highlight some of the most famous places to go fishing in Peru:

1. Tambopata River

The Tambopata River, located in the Candamo reserve east of Puerto Maldonado, offers the opportunity to catch species such as pacos, black zungaros and maidens. This stunning natural environment is ideal for fishing enthusiasts.

2. Cañete River

Known for its abundance of shrimp, the Cañete River is a popular destination for reel fishing enthusiasts. Located on the Peruvian coast, this river offers a unique experience near the Incahuasi ruins.

3. Pisco River

Part of a nature reserve, the Pisco River is famous for its shrimp population and spectacular scenery. Here, anglers can enjoy nature activities while venturing out in search of exciting catches.

4. Amazon River

Known as the world’s largest river, the Amazon offers a unique fishing experience in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. From piranha fishing to pink dolphin watching, this river promises unforgettable adventures for anglers.

5. Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca offers the opportunity to fish in one of the highest and largest lakes in the world. Here you can catch species such as the goldfish. This lake is a must-see destination for sport fishing enthusiasts.

6. Huaraz Lakes

In the Huaraz Lakes, located west of the Huascaran National Park, you can fish for rainbow trout and other species in a breathtaking setting.

7. Cabo Blanco

On the southern coast of the country, Cabo Blanco is considered one of the best places for sport fishing in Peru. With a great variety of marine species, this cape attracts fishermen from all over the world in search of exciting catches.

8. Mancora

It is famous for being a great place to fish, particularly in places like Tres Palos, near Huanchaco. There, you will encounter a diversity of fish and have the opportunity to practice traditional fishing with caballitos de totora, a type of ancient Inca boat.

9. Trujillo

This region, located on the northern Pacific coast, offers a pleasant climate. It is ideal for surfing and making the most of your stay. You also have the option of resting and enjoying the luxury of its famous beach resorts.

10. San José Cove

It is located in Quilca, an area in the south of Peru. This beautiful place has small bays with calm and crystalline waters, and is surrounded by beautiful beaches, considered among the best in Peru. Here, fishing can be done from the shore, on the rocks or in a boat near the coast. It is possible to catch fish such as cabrillas and rollizos, which are difficult to find in other parts of the Peruvian coast.

Fish Species in Peruvian Waters

Pesca Deportiva en Tambopata Amazonas
Sport fishing

Peru is home to an incredible diversity of marine and freshwater species, making it a prime fishing destination. From river fish to deep sea creatures, Peruvian waters offer unique opportunities for anglers.

  • In the Jungle: Paiche, dorado, tarpon, zúngaro, boquichico, carachama.
  • In the highlands: Ipsi, trout, carachi, pejerrey.
  • In the Coast: Snook, cheetahs, tunas, groupers, corvinas, soles.
  • In the High Seas: Pericos, jures, tunas, swordfish.

Fishing in Peru is an exciting activity that offers a wide variety of experiences for nature and adventure lovers. Whether in the turbulent waters of the Pacific or in the calm rivers of the jungle. This South American country offers unique opportunities to enjoy fishing in spectacular surroundings. If you want to live an unforgettable adventure, Lorenzo Expeditions offers fishing tours on the Tambopata River in the Peruvian Amazon. Immerse yourself in the beauty and biodiversity of this unique place while challenging exotic species. Connect with nature and book your unforgettable experience with us.

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