Inca Jungle Trek Experience

The Inca Jungle Trek experience is truly unique and exciting, offering a perfect blend of adventure, breathtaking scenery, local culture and the discovery of the majestic Machu Picchu. As you embark on this journey, you will find yourself immersed in an unforgettable experience that combines physical challenges, fun and an authentic connection with nature and Inca history.

During your journey, you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient trails leading to Machu Picchu, hiking through breathtaking landscapes, crossing deep valleys, lush jungles and crystal clear rivers. Every step of the way reveals a new surprise, from the exotic flora and fauna to the refreshing waterfalls along the way.

One of the most exciting aspects of this trip is the diversity of activities on offer. In addition to hiking, you will have the opportunity to ride down the mountains on a mountain bike, feeling the adrenaline rush as you contemplate the breathtaking scenery around you. The zip line offers a thrilling experience and the opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the mountains from a unique perspective, flying over the treetops.


Rafting in the Jungle
  • Rafting on the Urubamba River is another thrilling experience that adds a dose of adventure to your itinerary. Navigating the turbulent waters of the river, you will face thrilling rapids, enjoying the excitement and fun that this sport provides.

In addition to the exuberant nature and exciting activities, the Inca Jungle Trek experience also allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture. You will have the opportunity to visit traditional communities, meet the locals, learn about their culture, customs and traditions. This authentic interaction provides a deeper understanding of the rich Inca heritage and a genuine connection with the people living in the Peruvian mountains.

Arrival at Machu Picchu is the culmination of the Inca Jungle Trek experience. After days of adventure and overcoming challenges, you will be rewarded with the sight of one of the world’s most impressive archaeological wonders. As you explore the ancient ruins of this Inca city, you will be captivated by the grandeur of the architecture, the ingenious agricultural terraces and the mystical aura that surrounds the site.

The Inca Jungle Trek experience is an unforgettable journey that combines physical challenges, adventure and cultural discoveries. Connect with nature, overcome limits, explore Inca history and create lasting memories in this enriching experience. Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or looking for a transformative experience, the Inca Jungle Trek promises to surprise and delight. In every way, this experience offers surprises and satisfaction.

Dishes to eat on the Inca Jungle Trek

Inca Jungle Trek Zip Line

During the Inca Jungle Trail, participants have the opportunity to sample a variety of delicious and authentic Peruvian dishes. The Peruvian jungle region offers a rich diversity of fresh ingredients and unique flavors. This provides a memorable gastronomic experience along the trail.

Here are some of the dishes you will be able to savor during the hike:


  • Ceviche is an iconic and refreshing Peruvian dish. It consists of raw fish marinated in lime juice, seasoned with red onion, chili pepper and cilantro. It is a perfect choice for light and tasty meals while trekking.

Lomo Saltado:

  • Lomo saltado is a traditional Peruvian dish that combines succulent chunks of meat (usually lomo) with onion, tomato and fried potatoes. It is a delicious and flavorful dish that is usually accompanied by rice.

Aji de Gallina:

  • Aji de gallina is a traditional Peruvian dish consisting of a creamy chicken stew.They cook this stew with a sauce made from aji amarillo, milk, and bread. They serve it with white rice and boiled potatoes.

Tacacho with jerky:

  • Originally from the Amazon region of Peru, tacacho con cecina is a comforting and tasty dish. It consists of mashed green plantain meatballs (tacacho) accompanied by dry, crispy pork meat (cecina). It is a combination of flavors and textures that will certainly satiate your appetite after a long hike.


  • Juanes are rice wraps stuffed with chicken or fish meat, wrapped in bijao (big leaf) leaves. They are steamed, which gives the rice a special and unique flavor. It is a traditional dish from the Peruvian Amazon region and a practical option for meals on the road.

Chicha Morada:

  • Chicha morada is a refreshing drink made with boiled purple corn, citrus and spices. It is a popular refreshment in Peru and perfect for hydration and thirst quenching during the trek.

These are just a few examples of the delicious dishes you can try during the Inca Jungle Trek. Peruvian cuisine offers diversity and unique flavors, with many options to explore and savor along the way. Taste authentic food and admire the Peruvian jungle in a unique gastronomic experience.

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