Golden Dorado Fly Fishing Trips in Bolivia

Are you dreaming of a unique and unforgettable Golden Dorado fly fishing experience? Bolivia is the perfect destination for fly fishing enthusiasts who want to take on the powerful, acrobatic Golden Dorado. This South American country, known for its stunning natural landscapes, is home to some of the best rivers for Golden Dorado fly fishing. Get ready for an unforgettable experience where you’ll put your fishing skills to the test while enjoying nature.

What makes Golden Dorado fly fishing in Bolivia so special?

Golden Dorado Fly Fishing Trips in Bolivia

El Golden Dorado

The Golden Dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) is a ferocious predator and one of the most coveted species by Golden Dorado fly fishermen in Bolivia and South America. These freshwater fish can reach impressive sizes, exceeding 30 kg in some cases. Their strength, agility, and fierce determination when fighting in the water make them a highly coveted trophy.

A unique fishing experience

Golden Dorado fly fishing in Bolivia is a unique experience that combines the thrill of catching with the natural beauty of the rivers and their surroundings. The Golden Dorado, also known as “the freshwater tiger,” is a highly coveted fish by anglers due to its strength, acrobatics, and powerful lunges that test the skills of any experienced angler.

The Best Destinations for Golden Dorado Fly Fishing in Bolivia

Some of the best destinations for El Golden Dorado fishing:

1. Iténez River

The Iténez River, located in the Amazon region of Bolivia, is one of the most popular destinations for Golden Dorado fly fishing. This river offers abundant populations of large Golden Dorados, making it a true paradise for experienced anglers.

2. Orthon River

The Orthon River, a tributary of the Mamoré River, is another highly sought-after Golden Dorado fly-fishing destination. This remote and uncrowded river offers the opportunity to fish in pristine waters and enjoy the tranquility of Bolivian nature.

3. Beni River

The Beni River, which flows through the Amazon region of Bolivia, is known for its impressive Golden Dorado populations and natural beauty. This river offers the opportunity to fish in crystal clear waters surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

4. Mamoré River

The Mamoré River is another popular destination for Golden Dorado fly fishing in Bolivia. This mighty river offers a variety of habitats for Golden Dorado, from turbulent rapids to tranquil pools.

5. White River:

A paradise for solo fishing enthusiasts, the Rio Blanco gives you the opportunity to connect with nature in peace and tranquility.

6. Piraí River

An accessible river near the city of Santa Cruz, ideal for beginners and experienced travelers looking for a convenient fly-fishing experience.

7. Ichilo River

Famous for its rapids and flows, the Ichilo River puts your fly-fishing skills to the test and rewards you with memorable catches.

8. Yapacaní River

A river surrounded by lush vegetation, the Yapacaní River offers you a picturesque and challenging fly-fishing experience.

9. High Chapare

The Alto Chapare, a mountainous and remote region of Bolivia, is an emerging destination for Golden Dorado fly fishing. Its crystal clear, uncrowded rivers provide the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique and remote fishing experience.

Essential Equipment for Golden Dorado Fly Fishing

Golden Dorado Fly Fishing Trips in Bolivia

To maximize your chances of success when fly fishing for Golden Dorado, it’s crucial to have the right equipment. Here are some key elements:

Fishing rod

A sturdy, fast-acting fishing rod is essential. A rod 9 to 10 feet in length, with a casting weight of 8 to 10 pounds, is recommended.

Fishing line

Opt for a floating or intermediate weight fishing line, with a 20- to 30-pound fluorocarbon tippet.


A large capacity reel with a good braking system is crucial to controlling these powerful fish.


Streamer flies mimicking small fish, such as the Deceiver, Clouser Minnow, or Andino Deceiver, are great choices. Also try surface flies such as the Chernobyl Ant or the Dahlberg Diver.


Fishing tongs, pliers, scissors, and a hook puller are essential for handling and releasing Golden Dorados safely.

Effective Techniques for Golden Dorado Fly Fishing in Bolivia

Golden Dorado fly fishing requires a combination of skills and strategies. Here are some key techniques:

Throw Distance

Golden Dorados often feed in deep, semi-protected water, so the ability to cast great distances is crucial.

Energetic Stripping

Once a Golden Dorado attacks your fly, you’ll need to perform vigorous stripping movements to keep tension on the line and prevent the fish from breaking loose.

Patient Fight

These fish are known for their powerful lunges and long runs, so you’ll need to be patient and keep the line taut during the fight.

Presentation Techniques

After mastering the casting technique, the next crucial step is to focus on the presentation of the fly on the surface of the water. Here are some techniques:

  • Dead drift: Presentation of the fly as an inert insect floating on the surface of the water. Allow the fly to drift freely with the current, avoiding any strain on the line.
    • Objective: To mimic a dying or vulnerable insect by attracting predatory fish.
  • The strip: Animation of the fly underwater, mimicking the movement of a swimming fish or insect. With your free hand, perform slow, steady line pulls as you retrieve the excess with the reel.
    • Objective: To attract the attention of fish with movements that simulate live prey.
  • The twitch: Animation of the fly with erratic movements, imitating the behavior of an insect in difficulty. With the rod, make small, quick pulls to make the fly move unpredictably.
    • Objective: To provoke attacks by fish looking for easy or disoriented prey.

Tips for beginners and experts

Golden Dorado Fly Fishing Trips in Bolivia

For Beginners

  • Hire an experienced guide, at least on your first Golden Dorado fly fishing trips in Bolivia.
  • Practice your throwing technique before the trip.
  • Be patient and enjoy the learning process.

For Experts

  • Explore rivers and less crowded areas to find new Golden Dorado fly fishing challenges in Bolivia.
  • Experiment with less conventional flies and patterns.
  • Share your knowledge with other fishermen and contribute to the conservation of resources.

The best time to fish for Golden Dorados in Bolivia

The ideal season for Golden Dorado fly fishing varies by region, but generally runs from May through October. During these months, water levels are lower and fish are more active.

Fishing accommodation in Bolivia

Numerous lodges and tour operators offer Golden Dorado fly fishing packages in Bolivia. These include accommodation, transfers, experienced guides, and in some cases, fishing equipment. Do your research carefully and choose an option that suits your needs and budget.

Final Tips for an Unforgettable Experience

  • Respect the natural environment and local fishing regulations.
  • Bring insect repellent, sunscreen, and weather-appropriate clothing.
  • Be patient and enjoy Bolivia’s unique surroundings.
  • Capture special moments with your camera to preserve lasting memories.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golden Dorado Fly Fishing in Bolivia

Golden Dorado Fly Fishing Trips in Bolivia

1. What is the best time of year to fly fish for Golden Dorado in Bolivia?

The best season for Golden Dorado fly fishing in Bolivia is generally from May to October, when water levels are ideal and Golden Dorado populations are at their best.

2. Do I need to be an expert fisherman to enjoy Golden Dorado fly fishing in Bolivia?

No, Bolivia offers options for both beginners and experts. Many lodges and guides offer programs designed specifically for beginners, where you can learn the basic techniques and enjoy an unforgettable fishing experience.

3. What fishing equipment is recommended for Golden Dorado fly fishing?

It is recommended to use medium to heavy power fly rods, with forward weight lines of 8 to 10 pounds. The most effective flies are streamers and loop flies, designed to mimic small fish and other aquatic organisms.

4. Are there accommodation options for Golden Dorado fly fishing in Bolivia?

Bolivia has a variety of accommodation options, from luxury lodges located on the banks of rivers to rustic campsites in the middle of nature. You’ll be able to find the perfect option for your needs and budget.

5. Is it safe to travel to Bolivia for Golden Dorado fly fishing?

Bolivia is a safe destination for Golden Dorado fly fishing, as long as you follow safety recommendations and hire the services of experienced local guides.

6. What other activities can I do during my Golden Dorado fly fishing trip in Bolivia?

In addition to fishing, Bolivia offers the opportunity to explore its rich culture and traditions, as well as enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, visits to local communities.

7. Can I combine Golden Dorado fly fishing with other types of fishing in Bolivia?

Yes, Bolivia also offers excellent opportunities for fly fishing for other species, such as catfish and Amazon salmon. You can combine Golden Dorado fishing with other fishing experiences to get the most out of your trip.

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Golden Dorado Fly Fishing Trips in Bolivia

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