Fishing trips Tambopata

Have you ever dreamed of a fishing trip in one of the most biodiverse rivers in the world? Do you feel the adrenaline running through your veins? Are you passionate about fishing and looking for an unparalleled adventure? If so, Tambopata River fishing trips are the perfect choice for you.

Why Choose the Tambopata River for your Fishing Trip?

fishing in the Tambopata River - Fishing trips
Fishing in the Tambopata River

Location and Biodiversity

The Tambopata River is located in the Amazon region, known for its rich biodiversity. This river is home to a great variety of fish species, making it an ideal destination for sport fishing.

Unique Experience

Fishing trips on the Tambopata River not only offer you the opportunity to fish in an incredibly diverse environment, but also allow you to experience the beauty and tranquility of the Amazon.

What awaits you on a Tambopata River fishing trip?

fishing in the Tambopata River - Fishing trips
Sport Fishing in the Tambopata River

Fish species you can catch:

Sungaro (Tigrinus Brachyplatystoma):

  • This river fish is distinguished by its beauty and large size, which makes it a challenge for anglers.

Paco (Piaractus brachypomus):

  • Also known as “carachama”, this robust fish inhabits Tambopata and its meat is valued for its flavor.

Maidenhair (Corsi julis):

  • This freshwater fish, prized for its elegance and vivid colors, is a frequent target for anglers.

Puma Sungaro (Corris):

  • Also called “sungaro,” this fish is a fearsome predator that offers a thrilling fight to anglers.

Stingray (Batoidea):

  • These slithering creatures add a touch of mystery to the waters of Tambopata, although they are not the main target for fishing.

Eel (Electrophorus electricus):

  • This fish is known for its ability to generate electric shocks. Its presence in the rivers is intriguing, although it is not commonly fished.

Catfish (Pimelodus blochii):

  • Catfish are abundant bottom fish in Tambopata, prized for their meat and resilience.

Canero (Vandellia cirrhosa):

  • This small fish, also known as “candiru”, is famous for its habit of parasitizing other fish.

Chambira (Hydrolocus sconberoides):

  • This elongated-shaped, singular-looking fish can be difficult to catch due to its elusive behavior.

Gamitana (Colossoma macropomum):

  • This large and tasty fish is a popular target for local fishermen in Tambopata.

Piro (Pterodoras granulosus):

  • Also known as “pirarucu”, this is one of the largest fish in the region, prized for its size and flavor.

Achacubo (Sorubimichthys planiceps):

  • This robust fish offers a vigorous fight, making it a challenge for experienced anglers.

Mota (Pinirampus pirinampu):

  • People value the flavor and texture of the meat of this freshwater fish because of its distinctive shape.


  • This small, agile fish is popular with local fishermen.

Ashara (Leiarius marmoratus):

  • This interesting looking fish has dark spots on its skin, which makes fishing for it a unique experience.

Lisa (Leporinus friderici):

  • This freshwater fish has an elongated shape and puts up a spirited fight, making it a common target for anglers.

Tarpon (Brycon amazonicus):

  • This river fish is fast and vigorous, making it exciting to fish for.

Maparate (Hypophthalmus edentatus):

  • This large fish has a distinctive shape and its meat is prized in the region.

Piranha (Serrasalmus elongatus):

  • Although piranhas are known for their ferocity and sharp teeth, they are an integral part of the river ecosystem.

Why choose us for your Tambopata River fishing trip?

fishing in the Tambopata River - Fishing trips
Fishing trips Tambopata

We are experts in sport fishing in the Amazon

  • We have experienced guides who know the best fishing spots and the most effective techniques.
  • We offer high quality fishing equipment to guarantee an optimal experience.
  • We provide personalized service and attention to detail to make your trip unforgettable.

We guarantee a safe and responsible adventure

  • We follow sustainable fishing practices to protect the Tambopata River ecosystem.
  • We comply with all safety regulations to guarantee a risk-free experience.
  • Our company commits to local development and environmental protection.

Plan your fishing trip in the Tambopata River

Fishing trips in Tambopata

Experienced Guides

Our guides have years of experience fishing the Tambopata River. They will help you find the best places to fish and teach you the most effective fishing techniques.

Lodging and Accommodations

In addition to fishing, we also offer comfortable accommodations and a variety of amenities to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

How to Book your Tambopata River Fishing Trip?

fishing in the Tambopata River - Fishing trips
Sport Fishing in Tambopata

Booking your Tambopata River fishing trip is easy. Simply contact us and we will help you plan the perfect fishing trip.

Contact us and get personalized advice

Don’t miss the opportunity to live a unique adventure in the heart of the Amazon. Book your Tambopata River fishing trip today and get ready for an experience you will never forget.

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