Fishing Trips Peru

Dreaming of a unique and unforgettable fishing experience? Looking for the perfect fishing trip? Peru, with its lush Amazon, rushing rivers and crystal clear lakes, offers you a paradise for fishing lovers. From piranha fishing in the Amazon to catching trout in the Andes, discover the variety of options that await you in this magical country.

Why Choose Peru for Your Fishing Trip?

Sport Fishing in Tambopata

Peru offers a unique fishing experience with its diversity of ecosystems and fish species. In addition, fishing trips in Peru are more than just fishing. They are an opportunity to explore the rich culture and breathtaking natural beauty of the country. So what are you waiting for, pack your fishing rods and come to Peru for the fishing adventure of a lifetime!

What awaits you on your Peru fishing trip?

Fishing Trips Peru
  • Dream Scenery: Navigate mighty rivers, explore hidden lagoons and feel the peace of the rainforests.
  • Exotic species: Test your skills with fish such as dorado, paiche, piranha, tucunare and many more.
  • Personalized experience: Choose from different fishing modalities, from fly fishing to trolling, and receive the assistance of expert guides.
  • Lodging and services: Enjoy comfortable jungle lodges, local gastronomy and additional activities for a complete experience.

Where can I fish in Peru?

Fishing Trips Peru

1) Tambopata Fishing:

  • Venture into the Tambopata National Reserve: a paradise of biodiversity where fishing becomes an unparalleled adventure.
  • Dream scenery: travel along the Madre de Dios and Tambopata rivers, surrounded by exuberant nature.
  • Species: catch fish such as dorado, tarpon, piranha and payara.

2) Sport Fishing in Tambopata:

  • Experience the thrill of fly fishing: a challenging technique that will put you to the test.
  • Specialized lodges: enjoy personalized attention and the best infrastructure for your fishing trip.
  • Expert guides: let yourself be guided by local experts who will take you to the best fishing spots.

3) Fishing in the Amazon:

  • Navigate the Amazon River: the largest river in the world, home to a great variety of fish.
  • Destinations not to be missed: Iquitos, Puerto Maldonado and Leticia are some of the starting points for your adventure.
  • Species: catch swordfish, catfish, piraíba and tucunaré.

4) Fishing in Puerto Maldonado:

  • Discover the gateway to the Amazon rainforest: an ideal destination to combine fishing with other ecotourism activities.
  • Options for everyone: from beginners to experts, there are fishing options for all levels.
  • Scenarios: explore the Tambopata, Madre de Dios and Colorado rivers, incomparable fishing scenarios.

5) Fishing in Iquitos:

  • Get to know the capital of the Peruvian Amazon: a vibrant city with a rich culture and fishing tradition.
  • Fishing excursions: choose between one-day or multi-day tours to explore the jungle and its rivers.
  • Species: catch paiche, the largest fish in the Amazon, and other exotic species.

6) Fishing in Lake Titicaca:

  • Embark on an adventure in the highest navigable lake in the world: a unique setting for fishing.
  • High altitude trout: catch rainbow, brown and salmon trout in an incomparable natural environment.

To ensure a memorable experience, we recommend:

  • Define your budget: Prices vary according to the length of the trip, the destination, the type of fishing and the services included.
  • Choose the right season: The dry season (May to October) is ideal for fishing in the Amazon.
  • Book in advance: Fishing lodges and guides are in high demand, especially in high season.
  • Prepare the right luggage: Comfortable clothes, mosquito repellent, sunscreen and fishing gear.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fishing in Peru

Fishing Trips Peru

When is the best time to fish in Peru?

The fishing season in Peru varies depending on the location. In the Amazon, the best time to fish is during the dry season, which generally runs from May to October. In Lake Titicaca, you can fish all year round, but the best time is during the warmer months, from November to April.

What equipment do I need to fish in Peru?

The equipment needed to fish in Peru depends on the type of fishing you plan to do. For river fishing, you will need a sturdy fishing rod, a good quality reel and a variety of lures and hooks. For lake fishing, a light fly rod and spinning reel will suffice.

Do I need a permit to fish in Peru?

Yes, you will need a permit to fish in most areas of Peru. You can obtain this permit through the National Water Authority or through your fishing guide.

Peru fishing trips are a unique experience that you won’t want to miss. With a variety of places to fish, from the Amazon to Lake Titicaca, there is something for every angler. So why not pack your fishing rods and come to Peru for the fishing adventure of a lifetime, we’re waiting for you!

Book your trip today and experience the thrill of fishing in a unique setting, feel the adrenaline in the jungle and the Andes!

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