Fishing trips in Tambopata River

Are you looking for a unique fishing experience in one of the most biodiverse rivers in the world ? You’ve come to the right place! Here is everything you need to know about fishing trips on the Tambopata River.

Imagine the thrill of fighting a mighty tarpon or a giant piranha in the crystal clear waters of the Tambopata River!

Where to fish in the Tambopata River?

Fishing trips inTambopata River
Fishing in the Tambopata River

The Tambopata River is an ideal place for sport fishing.

The Tambopata River, located in the Tambopata National Reserve in Madre de Dios, Peru, offers a variety of places to fish. From the calm waters of the cochas (lagoons) to the rushing rapids of the main river, each area presents its own challenges and rewards. Some of the best places to fish are:

  • Tambopata National Reserve:A paradise for anglers, with a wide variety of species.
  • Sandoval Lake: A lake of crystalline waters, ideal for pacu fishing.
  • Native Communities: Experience traditional fishing with the local communities.

What kind of fish can be caught in the Tambopata River?

Fishing trips inTambopata River

In the Tambopata River you can find a great variety of fish species:

These include catfish, carp and dorado. Each of these fish offers a unique fishing experience, from the exciting fight with the dorado to the patience required to catch the elusive carp.

The Tambopata River is home to more than 300 species of fish, including:

  • Tarpon:A feisty and acrobatic fish, perfect for sport fishing enthusiasts.
  • Piranha: Famous for its ferocious bite, the piranha offers a unique experience for experienced anglers.
  • Zúngaro: A large fish with a powerful jaw.
  • Pacu:A fish of large size and delicious taste, ideal for gastronomy lovers.
  • Dorado:A bright golden colored fish, known for its strength and endurance.
  • Payara:A fish with vampire teeth, which offers exciting and challenging fishing.

What equipment do I need to fish in the Tambopata River?

To fish the Tambopata River, you will need basic fishing equipment.

The equipment needed will depend on the type of fishing you wish to do. However, some basic items are:

  • Fishing rod
  • Reel
  • Fishing line
  • Hooks
  • Weights
  • Lures
  • Clothing suitable for the weather
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • A cap or hat to protect you from the sun.

How to get to the Tambopata River

Getting to the Tambopata River is part of the adventure:

You can fly to Puerto Maldonado, the closest town to the river. From there, you can take a motor boat upriver to your fishing destination.

How much does a Tambopata River fishing tour cost?

Fishing trips inTambopata River

The cost of a Tambopata River fishing tour can vary.

It depends on several factors, such as the length of the tour, the size of the group and the services included. The prices of fishing tours vary according to the duration, type of fishing and destination. You can find tours from $100 per day to $2000 per week.

When is the best season to fish in the Tambopata River?

The best season for fishing in the Tambopata River is during the dry season.

This is generally between May and October. During these months, water levels are lower, which makes fishing easier.

What should I keep in mind when fishing in the Tambopata River?

Fishing trips inTambopata River

It is important to keep in mind some recommendations:

  • Respect the environment: Do not leave garbage in the river and use barbless hooks to avoid harming the fish.
  • Obtain a fishing permit:It is necessary to obtain a fishing permit to fish in the Tambopata River.
  • Hire a fishing guide:A fishing guide will help you find the best fishing spots and teach you the proper techniques to catch fish.
  • Wear appropriate clothing:It is recommended to wear comfortable and cool clothing, a hat, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Is a fishing guide necessary to fish in the Tambopata River?

While not mandatory, a fishing guide can enhance your experience on the Tambopata River.

It is not necessary, but it is recommended. A fishing guide will provide you with safety, knowledge and help you have a more complete experience.

What safety precautions should be taken when fishing in the Tambopata River?

When fishing in the Tambopata River, it is important to take safety measures:

  • Wear a life jacket: It is mandatory to wear a life jacket when navigating the river.
  • Avoid swimming in the river:The Tambopata River is home to some dangerous fish species, such as piranhas.
  • Beware of wild animals:The Amazon rainforest is home to a variety of wild animals, such as caimans and snakes.

What other activities can be done in the Tambopata River?

In addition to fishing, the Tambopata River offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy nature, such as:

  • Bird watching: Tambopata National Reserve is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with more than 600 species recorded.
  • Jungle trekking: Walk along interpretative trails and discover the flora and fauna of the Amazon.
  • Visits to local communities: Learn about the culture and traditions of the indigenous peoples that inhabit the region.
Fishing trips inTambopata River
Fishing and Adventure in the Tamboata River

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