Fishing in Candamo


The Manu National Reserve, located in Peru, is one of the most impressive and best preserved areas of the Amazon. Within it is the Manu River Reserve, also known as Manu National Park, which is home to the Candamo River. This region is a true paradise for fishing enthusiasts, as it offers a unique and exciting experience for anglers. In this article, we will explore fishing in this magnificent river and its distinctive features.

The Candamo River is known for its crystal clear waters and breathtaking scenery. Fishing this river provides a direct connection to nature, where the lush Amazon rainforest and surrounding wildlife enrich the fishing experience. Upon entering the waters of this river, anglers are transported to an untouched natural environment where they can enjoy authentic and immersive fishing.


Tucunaré (Cichla ocellaris) - Candamo
  • One of the most coveted species in these waters is the tucunaré. Tucunarés are very popular sport fish known for their strength and fighting ability. The region is home to different species of tucunaré, such as the tucunaré-açu (Cichla temensis) and the tucunaré-paca (Cichla monoculus). These fish are characterized by their vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns, making tucunaré fishing an exciting and challenging experience.

Besides the tucunaré, other species of fish can also be found. Among them, matrinxã (Brycon spp.), pacu (Piaractus spp.) and jatuarana (Ageneiosus spp.). Each of these species offers a unique fishing experience, with its own characteristics and differentiated behaviors.

Sustainable Fishing in the Candamo River

  • Fishing in this dense river is generally practiced on a “catch and release” basis, returning the fish to the river after capture. This sustainable practice aims to preserve biodiversity and maintain the balance of the region’s aquatic ecosystems. Anglers are encouraged to adopt responsible fishing techniques and to respect local regulations, thus ensuring the conservation of the natural resources of the Candamo River.

To enjoy fishing in the Candamo River, it is recommended to rely on the services of operators specialized in fishing tourism in the region. These operators offer experienced guides, local knowledge and adequate logistics to make the fishing experience safe, exciting and rewarding.

In summary, fishing in the Manu National Reserve offers anglers a unique opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity of the Amazon. The natural beauty, the variety of sport fish species and the connection with nature make fishing in the Candamo River a memorable experience. Preservation of natural resources and respect for aquatic life are fundamental to ensure that this region continues to delight anglers and future generations.

How to get to Candamo

The Manu National Reserve, home to the Candamo River, is a remote and unspoiled area of the Peruvian Amazon. Access to this region requires careful planning and proper organization due to its isolated location. In this text, I will provide general information on the possible ways to reach this place. It is important to note that specific details may vary and it is strongly recommended to contact specialized tourist agencies for better information.

One of the ways to get to Candamo is by taking a flight to Puerto Maldonado, a city located in southeastern Peru and known as the gateway to the Peruvian Amazon. Puerto Maldonado has an airport and is accessible by flights from Lima or Cuzco. From Puerto Maldonado, it is necessary to organize a boat expedition to reach the desired place. This trip can take several days, depending on river conditions and the exact location of the river you wish to reach.

Another option is to combine a boat trip with a hike through the Amazon rainforest. Some tour packages include jungle hikes before reaching the river. It offers a more immersive experience in nature, allowing you to explore the biodiversity of the jungle before the final destination.

Specialized Guides to Explore the Region

  • To visit this region it is necessary to have specialized guides or tour operators with knowledge and experience in the area. Manu National Reserve is a protected area. It is essential to follow the rules and guidelines established by local authorities to ensure the conservation of the natural environment.
  • Before traveling to the extreme Amazon rainforest, it is advisable to plan ahead. Contact an authorized agency and make sure you have all the necessary permits and documents. Importantly, be prepared for Amazon conditions, including humid weather, insects and other challenges during the trip.

In summary, to reach Candamo, travel to Puerto Maldonado and arrange a boat expedition to the desired destination. Combinations with jungle treks are also an option. It is essential to rely on responsible tour operators who can provide up-to-date guidance and adequate support. For a safe and enriching experience in the Manu National Reserve and on the Candamo River.

Where tourists will sleep in Candamo

amazon rainforest

The Candamo is a river located in the Manu National Reserve, a remote and unspoiled area of the Peruvian Amazon. Due to its isolated location and unspoiled natural environment, tourism in the region is limited. Access to the Candamo requires proper planning. In this article, we will explore the lodging options available for tourists wishing to visit Candamo.

Within the Manu National Reserve, there are a few lodging options for tourists. One option is to stay in lodges and lodges located around the reserve. These lodges provide comfort and essential services to visitors while respecting nature and minimizing environmental impact. Lodges vary in size and style, from simple structures to more luxurious establishments. However, they all share the goal of providing an authentic Amazon experience.

Camping in the Manu Wilderness

  • Another option is to camp in organized camps in the region. These camps are usually equipped with comfortable tents, toilets and common areas for meals and social interaction. Ideal for nature lovers, this option offers a close experience and an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Follow the guidelines and standards established by the Manu National Reserve to ensure a safe and sustainable experience.

The limited lodging infrastructure in the region highlights the crucial need to book in advance to ensure availability. It is recommended to contact specialized tour operators in the area or travel agencies. These professionals can provide up-to-date information on the lodging options available in Candamo and the surrounding area.

In addition, it is important to be prepared for Amazon conditions, such as humid weather, insects and other natural challenges. It is advisable to bring appropriate equipment, such as insect repellent, light and waterproof clothing. As well as essential personal items for a comfortable stay.

In summary, lodging options in Candamo are limited, but there are lodges and campsites available to tourists. These accommodations offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness of the Peruvian Amazon. It is essential to book in advance and rely on specialized tour operators to ensure a safe and pleasant stay. Taking the opportunity to sleep in the middle of the lush Amazon rainforest offers visitors a memorable and enriching experience. It is a unique opportunity to explore the beauties of the Peruvian Amazon.

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