Discovering the Mystery of the Llamas of the Choquequirao Sun

In the vast panorama of Peruvian archaeology, Choquequirao rises like a hidden jewel, a lesser known but equally majestic sister of Machu Picchu. In this strategic corner, the llamas of Choquequirao, with their zoomorphic forms, dance on the terraces, guarding a mystery that defies comparison.

The Importance of Choquequirao

Sun llamas of Choquequirao

Choquequirao, at 3500 meters above sea level, stands as a Tawantinsuyo citadel, strategically located to connect the Andes and the jungle. Its location at the intersection of Cusco and Apurimac is no coincidence; it is a key point to dominate the vast vegetation and facilitate expansion campaigns. Although only 30% has been studied, Choquequirao is more extensive than Machu Picchu and presents a different type of construction and a greater number of terraces.

The Llamas of the Sun – A Fascinating Study

Sun llamas of Choquequirao
Sun llamas of Choquequirao

The 24 flames of the sun, meticulously arranged in a sequence that unfolds towards the main plaza, are the focus of a recent study by Zenobio Valencia and Gori-Tumi Echevarría. This analysis reveals exceptional planning in the construction, with structural white stones that, when removed, could collapse the platforms. The flames, unique in the world, represent a narrative act, an artistic expression that unfolds from platform to platform.

Recent Archaeological Discoveries

“Archaeological Investigations in Choquequirao, Cusco, Peru. Vol. 1 (2019)” compiles recent studies, revealing accounts, previous records, and excavation reports. A must for lovers of Peruvian history, this text offers an in-depth look at the sister of Machu Picchu.

Location and Access

Choquequirao, in the district of Santa Teresa, Cusco, rises on a plateau formed by the valleys of the Urubamba River. Its restricted access to trekking routes guarantees an exclusive experience. The route from the community of Cachora, which covers 32 kilometers of ascents and descents, offers unforgettable landscapes.

Preparations for the Adventure

With the completion of the cable car project on hold, the trek to Choquequirao remains a 4-day experience. Sturdy footwear, light clothing and a desire to explore this spectacular Inca construction are essential.

Best Time to Visit

For the intrepid adventurer, Choquequirao is fascinating in any season. However, the dry season, from April to October, is recommended to avoid setbacks. Consulting weather conditions is crucial to face the adventure in other months.


Choquequirao, with its mysterious llamas and vast history buried in stones, is waiting to be discovered. This archaeological jewel, with its uniqueness, defies comparison and promises an experience beyond the ordinary. Get ready to explore the Inca heritage in all its splendor at Choquequirao – the adventure awaits!

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