Best Fishing Spots in Amazonas

Do you dream of conquering the waters of the Amazon and catching legendary fish? Discover the Amazon fishing spots, where exuberant nature merges with the adrenaline and excitement of fighting colossal fish. In this paradise, you will live an incomparable experience, surrounded by unique biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes.

Best Fishing Spots in Amazonas

In this complete guide, we will reveal the best places for fishing in the Amazon. Tips to optimize your trip and the species that await you in this fishing paradise.

Fish Species in the Amazon

The Amazon is home to unparalleled biodiversity, and its fish fauna is no exception. More than 3,000 species inhabit its waters, from the famous piranhas to the majestic paiche, a giant up to 3 meters long.

Best Fishing Spots in Amazonas

Some of the most coveted species by fishermen are:

  • Paiche: A fierce fighting fish of colossal size, considered the most prized trophy of the Amazon.
  • Tucunaré: Known for its aggressiveness and acrobatics when jumping out of the water, it offers an exciting fishing experience.
  • Payara: A fish with sharp teeth and elongated body, famous for its voracity and resistance when caught.
  • Dorado: A fish of intense golden color, appreciated for its taste and sporting value.
  • Piranha: Although its fame precedes it, piranha offers a fun fishing and a unique experience.

Fishing Season in the Amazon

The ideal season for fishing in the Amazon varies according to the region and the species you are looking for. However, in general, when the water level drops and the fish concentrate in more accessible areas.

It is important to keep in mind that some species have specific closures to protect their reproduction. Check with local authorities or your fishing operator for updated information.

Tips for Fishing in the Amazon

To ensure a successful and safe experience, follow these tips:

  • Hire an experienced guide or tour operator: They know the best Amazon fishing spots, proper techniques and local regulations.
  • Use proper fishing equipment: Be sure to bring rods, reels, hooks and lures specific to the species you want to catch at the Amazon fishing spots.
  • Respect the environment: Practice responsible fishing and follow local fishing regulations at Amazon fishing spots.
  • Be prepared for tropical weather: Wear light and comfortable clothing, sunscreen and mosquito repellent at Amazon fishing spots.

Best fishing spots in Amazonas

Best Fishing Spots in Amazonas
  1. Tambopata National Reserve: A paradise for sport fishing, with specialized lodges and guided tours to catch tucunarés, dorados, payaras and other species. A fishing spot in Amazonas with a great variety.
  2. Ucayali River: Famous for paiche, catfish and carp fishing, the Ucayali River is an unmissable destination for sport fishing lovers. In this Amazon fishing spots, you will find operators offering multi-day excursions to chase these large and strong fish.
  3. Yarinacocha Lagoon: An ideal place for family fishing, where you can catch piranhas, tarpon and other smaller species. A perfect Amazon fishing spot for beginners.
  4. Pacaya Samiria: A national reserve with a great variety of fish, including paiches, tucunarés and dorados. A special permit is required to fish in this area, but it is worth it for the experience at this Amazon fishing spot.
  5. Madre de Dios River: A popular destination for dorado, payara and yacare fishing. Fishing lodges offer luxury experiences in pristine natural surroundings in this Amazon fishing spot.

Fishing Permits for Amazon Fishing Places

Best Fishing Spots in Amazonas

To fish in the Amazon, a specific fishing permit issued by the Peruvian Ministry of Production is required. Permits can be obtained online or at local Ministry offices.

It is important to note that fishing regulations may vary by region. Check with local authorities or your fishing operator for updated information.

Fishing in the Amazon is an unforgettable adventure. It combines the thrill of fishing with the incomparable beauty of the rainforest. With the information provided in this guide, you will be ready to turn your trip into a legend. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these incredible fishing spots in the Amazon.

Are you ready to have the fishing experience of a lifetime, book your trip to Amazon fishing spots today!


  • Hire an experienced guide or tour operator.
  • Use proper fishing equipment.
  • Respect the environment.
  • Be prepared for tropical weather.

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