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Lares Trek is a unique trail that begins near the town of Lares, 40 miles north of Cuzco and 35 miles southeast of Machu Picchu. The hike takes place in the Lares Valley, east of the Urubamba mountain range, which passes through part of the Sacred Valley.

The walk is 4 days in its classic version, the last day is the visit to Machu Picchu.

No permit is required to use Lares Trek. This means that you can arrive in Cuzco in one or two days depending on the season (not from June to August).

Of course, you will have to book your train to Aguas Calientes as soon as possible in the middle of the season, as well as your admission to Machu Picchu.

As for the current route, there are a number of options for the Lares Trek route, most of which end in Ollantaytambo.

From here, tourists can take the train to Aguas Calientes to visit Machu Picchu or return to Cuzco. Next we will discuss in detail each of the options for the routes of Lares Trek.

There are a number of factors that make this trek a great alternative to the Classic Inca route.

First of all, and perhaps most importantly for some, it is that it is much quieter than the Inca Trail.

Second, the route may be easier than the Inca Trail as it is not necessary to take many steps.

The altitude above sea level is still a problem and in some variants of the route you will have to overcome 3 steps that exceed 4,200 meters (the highest, depending on your route – 4,400 meters or 4,600 meters). More information on acclimatisations and altitude sickness can be found here.

Finally, Lares Trek offers a true Andean culture. The Lares Valley is home to a number of traditional Andean communities that have changed little in the last 500 years.

You will probably see many local weavers and farmers dressed in traditional colorful clothing and depending on your tour you will have the opportunity to see or participate in some weaving activity.

The area is famous for its homemade textiles, so if you want to take home a genuine piece of Peruvian textiles, take home a few spare soles. Here you can buy the products by spending the day with the local weavers!

More Details

The best time to do the Lares Trek is during the dry season (May-September). This is the busiest trekking time in the region, particularly on the Classic Inca Trail, where permits are sold out months in advance.

The Lares Trail is the third most popular trail to Machu Picchu, after the Inca Trail and Salkantay Trek, so during the peak of the high season the trail can be very crowded. That said, there are so many variations on the Lares Trail that in general the routes never feel crowded.

During the dry months (April and October), the Lares Trails are particularly quiet, and the climate is often very pleasant.

The months we do not suggest are from December to March, as the rain makes the trail really unpleasant and visibility is often low due to the strong morning and afternoon fog.

Temperatures throughout the year are moderate, at 20 degrees Celsius in the afternoon, and from cool to cold at night and in the early hours of the morning. Layered clothing is important (see packing list below).

Microclimates characterize the Andes, so it may rain all year round. Always wear rain gear.


Lares Trek is an alternative trekking to the Inca Trail, this tour is to live the experience with the local people and the end of our tour is in Machu Picchu.

Lares trek is an easy – moderate hike, the last day is the easiest, as you visit Machu Picchu.

Yes, this trek combines 3 days of hiking in the mountains of Lares and the last day we will visit Machu Picchu.

What travelers say about Lorenzo Expeditions?

Amy S
Amy S
Best experience This was the best tour we have ever done! The tour is full of so much history, culture and adventure. The tour is extremely organised. From prior to the tour they took the time to meet with everyone and let you know exactly what to bring and what to expect. This company is working closely with the communities on this new & untouched jungle trek to give a very authentic experience to the group whilst also giving back to the community. What really makes this tour extra special is the generosity, passion, humour and caring nature of the tour guide Bruno and the owner Lorenzo. They went above and beyond for everyone in the group. Lorenzo even went out to buy those who didn’t have thongs (shoes) for the hot springs, out of his own pocket. Could not recommend this more!!!
jade S
jade S
An amazing expedition! We had the most AMAZING time on our Inka jungle trail expedition. Lorenzo and Bruno went above and beyond to make our time on the trek and our visit to Machu Picchu the best it could possibly be!Where so I start!? Day one involved mountain bike riding and white water rafting. Both Activites were so much fun (even for me who has had some pretty bad experiences Mountain bike riding in Bolivia, so was very hesitant) the bikes were of amazing quality and Bruno our guide supported us the entire experience. We also stayed in some pretty spectacular accommodation in the jungle where we were treated to some ahhhhhmazing food and resort style bungalows in the midst of the jungle.Day two involved a 21km trek through the jungle and across the side of a mountain, with some unbelievable views. We learnt that Lorenzo tours had only just started taking a new path that involved trekking on the opposite side of the valley on the adjacent mountain. No other tour groups take this path so this meant we were completely on our own and thick in the jungle. Locals had to even be called upon to help us along the way it is so unexplored! Lorenzo had been working the past few years to build relationships with the families and forage new paths, so you know it is a unique experience! Day three involved zip linking and a hike along the train tracks to Aguas Calientes. (Bruno was a great support system and soooooo knowlegable re the history of the area) Bloody unreal!!!And then we made it Machu Picchu on the fourth day! I obviously don't need to describe how incredible this was.If I haven't convinced you yet that you NEED to go with Lorenzo's tour, I just need to add how amazing their customer service was. We had a few members of the group fall sick. Lorenzo spent overnight with in another town visiting hospitals and making sure they rested up AND there was train strike the day we were scheduled to leave. Lorenzo stayed an extra night to make sure we all got on the train and Bruno walked an extra 10km with another member of our group as they had to catch a flight so she could catch a bus and make it there in time!I could not recommend this tour more!
Karina N
Karina N
Una experiencia increíble Lorenzo Expeditions es una empresa seria y responsable que cumple al pie de la letra con los horarios y destinos estipulados. Además, cuenta con excelentes equipos para poder realizar cada paseo con seguridad y permite vivir la experiencia “full Perú” al visitar casitas locales durante el Inca Jungle.Lorenzo fue muy servicial y siempre estuvo a la orden para asesorarnos en cuanto a paseos y vestimenta apropiada para cada destino.Danery fue quien realizó las gestiones pertinentes para que consiguiéramos nuestros tickets a Wayna Picchu, así que le estamos sumamente agradecidos. Carlos fue un excelente conductor y fotógrafo también.Rony fue el mejor guía, siempre amable, entusiasta y nutriéndonos con su conocimiento. Además, siempre estaba pendiente de que estuviéramos cómodos y en cada lugar tenía detalles con nosotros para que nos sintiéramos más a gusto.Sin dudas, un equipo excelente que recomendamos 100%.
Tanya T
Tanya T
Amazing, authentic experience! This trip was the trip of a lifetime. I had an amazing experience on this expedition, and recommend it to everyone! Our guide Bruno, was fantastic, very knowledgeable and passionate guide. The accomodation was really authentic and nice with comfy, clean beds and showers. The food was also delicious. Made by local families it was a very nice experience to try the local cuisines. The activities, biking, rafting, zip lining, and thermal pools were amazing, and felt safe doing them. We also had Mr Lorenzo join us on our trek which was a pleasant surprise. Thank you Lorenzo Expedititions and Brunito!
Palta!!! PALTA!!!! En Perú le dicen "palta" al aguacate, esa fue la mejor parte del viaje para mí. ¡Recoger maracuyá, aguacate y ver toda la vegetación en la selva fue una experiencia increíble! ¡Wilbert me regaló fruta de maracuyá directamente de la selva! Luego, ¡Lorenzo me regaló un aguacate enorme! ¡¡Gracias!! ¡Todos ustedes hicieron mi viaje!
Macarena L
Macarena L
La mejor experiencia, con el mejor equipo Toda la experiencia es increíble, cada día es mejor que el anterior, cada detalle de esos días estuvo pensado a la perfección e hizo que tuviéramos una gran aventura. Lo que más nos gustó fue la compañía de Ronald durante esos cuatro días, estando en todo, encargándose de todo para que nosotras sólo nos ocultamos de disfrutar. Del tour, la tarde del primer día que hicimos café con Ricardo y nos contaron un poco más de su cultura, así como el segundo día de trekking por la montaña y partes de selva. Realmente fue todo alucinante! Por último, destacó el profesionalismo de Lorenzo y su equipo, nos hizo sentir muy cómodas y cuidadas.
Kasia P
Kasia P
So much more than an expedition! Epic trip!!! ***4 days/3 nights Inka Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu***It’s been my dream to visit Machu Picchu ever since I was a child. I kept imagining how this place is for years and this year I had the opportunity to go to Peru on a girls trip. Since I am usually the organizer in our pack, I started researching tours & expeditions in Peru to go make my big dream come true! After hours and hours of research, I came across a travel blog where a person who explored almost all of Peru highly recommended Lorenzo Expeditions as a great, reliable & affordable company to go to Machu Picchu with. What really caught my attention was the fact that they offered tours with different activities not just a straight trek. I went ahead and booked the 4d/3n Inca Jungle Trek with hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting, hot springs and zip lining along the way. It was exactly what we were looking for with the girls. Since we are not advanced hikers, we didn’t want too much of it on the trip as we would have been too exhausted. The tour had moderate hiking but definitely enough of it to allow you to take in the beautiful selva (jungle) of the region. Day 2 is all about hiking in the jungle where you can really appreciate la Pacha Mama (Mother Nature) with delicious avocados all over the place, coffee beans, guava fruit, maracuja, cacao & so much more! We were amazed how rich the Peruvian jungle really is. At the end of a long hike you get to relax at hot springs with amazing views & vibe. There are so many experiences & activities we did I could write an essay about it. Lorenzo Expeditions is a great company full of incredible people. The owner, Lorenzo, actually went on the tour with us and was there most of the time making sure everyone was okay and everything was going smooth. He is a good, hard working guy who is trying to lift up his people by bringing business to the smallest, most local communities for whom tourism is a lifeline and only hope for a better tomorrow. I really appreciate his passion for helping the locals to start their small businesses proving lodging & meal services. We were the first group to try a new route for the Inca Jungle Trek and new services from locals who during COVID worked hard to develop their lodging having faith that after the pandemic better times will come as tourists visit again. One of the success stories is Ricardo, who was our guide for a portion of the trek. Ricardo is building his own jungle resort in Santa Maria and thanks to Lorenzo he has been able to get his first customers. We stayed at Ricardo’s place the first night in cute “jungle houses.” The views were incredible, the sky was filled with stars at night and the food was delicious. Ricardo showed us the process of making coffee from the tree to the cup and taught me some steps to local cumbia music. I thank Lorenzo Expeditions for supporting local communities and uplifting local people with big dreams and passion like Ricardo. It made me feel really good about the money we paid for the expedition knowing it makes such a difference for the locals. Another incredible person that has to be mentioned is Wilbur, who was our main guide and coordinator. He is so helpful, patient, informative and speaks very good English. He not only knows his stuff and can tell you all about Peru, the jungle and Machu Picchu but he lives for all of it. He has a fond appreciation and love for his culture, his ancestors and the Quechua people. He is not “just a guide” who will tell you about dates and historical facts. He adores the history of the region and gives you insights into more than just plain facts. Another great person on the tour was Erika. She mainly speaks Portuguese so our communication was a bit limited but she is super sweet and makes funny jokes. She works more as a background coordinator. There are many more people and families we met along the way that made this experience epic & definitely a trip for the books!!! Money well spent! You will make lifetime memories, especially if you embrace other cultures and love to explore.
Ralph U
Ralph U
100 Punkte, ausgezeichnet! Ausgezeichnete Tour, Abenteuer pur. Super Personal wirklich zu empfehlen. Ich finde sie haben das beste Angebot in Cusco! Ausprobieren und sich überraschen lassen!
Greatest adventure and experience We did the Inca jungle trek that was 4 days & 3 nights and has the most wonderful time!! The crew helped us see and explore all that we wanted too. Our guide, Wilbur, was especially incredible! They discovered we loved avocados the first day and made sure fresh picked ones were at every meal. Ensured we got to hike at the pace we wanted (a bit quicker) and still catered to those who wanted a slower pace. Wilbur had exception energy, very kind, warm and friendly. His English was incredible and he was able to teach us so much about Peru and the Incas. He became a great friend by the end of the trip and we miss him dearly. Lorenzo, the owner, was also on our tour and he brought great insights about the local people and the evolution of his tours. He puts in valiant effort to help the local communities benefit from him expeditions, giving them the opportunity to be entrepreneurial in however they choose. The trip itself was incredibly organized and fun. Every adventure was perfect and felt safe while still thrilling. The meals were always warm and delicious, we got a great taste of local cuisine, leaving full and happy. The accommodations were beautiful, especially the lodge in the jungle the first night. Overall the experience was truly one in a lifetime! So great fun to be a participant in their journey.
Garyn Young
Garyn Young
Unbelievable experience! Lorenzo and his family have been doing this for twenty years and have found the perfect formula. The attention to detail during this trip was incredible. I needed flip flops, he got them me, we wanted a pack of cards and he got two packs (in the middle of the jungle by the way). Our guide Dorian was a great guy, answered any question and went out of his way to make our trip the best it could be. The value for money is also so good for this trip, you get regular meals which are really tasty and the places where you stay are furnished to a high standard. The cycling is one of the best things I’ve ever done so much fun in one of the most beautiful places. I couldn’t recommend this tour more.

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