Maras & Moray

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At 8:30 a.m., we will begin to pick up all Lorenzo’s Adventures travelers from their place of accommodation. We will then continue in private transportation to the small town of Cruzpata (3500 meters above sea level) where we begin the cycling part of the tour. All riders will be provided with bikes (Specialized Status I) and proper safety equipment (helmet, body armor, knee pads, and gloves). After receiving all of the necessary equipment, our guide will provide a safety brief. The first part of the cycling route will be on a very calm section of the dirt route where you will be able to practice using your bike. As you bike further down, you will be able to admire the stunningly beautiful mountain landscape that the region has to offer.  The cycling route ends in the archeological site of Moray – an agricultural center that dates back to the time of the Inkas (visitation of this site is optional). At this point, the route changes from dirt route to a horse-trodden path. For approximately one hour we will follow this path, which is often used by the local townspeople as well.  At some point, we will stop to take a picnic-style lunch break and after the well-deserved rest, we will continue our travels to the small town of Maras.  From here we will begin the last, and most difficult, stretch of our trip. The ride lasts about 45 minutes, with an end goal of reaching the edge of the Urubamba River. In the middle of this route, we will come across the Maras salt mines where we will make a brief stop to learn a bit about this historic site. The tour ends around 3pm, and from then we begin the one-hour return trip to Cusco. 

Note – If you need to return to Ollantaytambo instead of Cusco, we can accompany you to the Urubamba bus station.